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They also called for the criminalization of normalization through a law which is expected to be voted on in the Tunisian People's Assembly on the 20th of this month.
The results of these experiments point out that certain cepstral normalization techniques are better than others in reducing and alleviating differences between normal speech and whisper in mismatched train/test scenarios.
It is unclear how willing the Egyptians are to cut a deal with Erdoy-an, but it has an impact on the overall constellation of Sunni powers in the region as well as the progress in diplomatic normalization between Ankara and Tel Aviv.
As an example, he stated that one aspect of this strategy included normalization of relations with Israel, because "if things were going well with the U.
We are working to ensure that our financial institutions and other market participants are prepared for the normalization of monetary policy and the return to a world of higher interest rates," Fischer said.
As agreed upon under the Annex on Normalization, the decommissioning is defined as a process that includes activities aimed at ensuring a smooth transition for MILF fighters to productive civilian life.
With global normalization [2] we get a new intensity value for each individual pixel with the following equation
For the first part, has already prepared the Preliminary (DP 591) and by this notice is intended to prepare the study normalization for the 2nd part.
This small protest soon moved to social media sites and became a large-scale discussion about normalization between Palestinians and Israelis.
New Delhi, November 16, 2011 (Frontier Star): Pakistan and India have agreed to take forward the trade ties as it would lead the way towards confidence building and normalization of relations between the two countries.
In Japan, depending on vehicle model, normalization* of production is expected to start in July, with normalization completing around November or December.
against normalization of relations with Israel urged an extended Arab
Affectees returns to home town following normalization in Orakzai Agency PESHAWAR: Return of affectees is continued following the normalization of situation in Orakzai Agency.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Normalization of CA 125 levels after one cycle of chemotherapy is a significant predictor of recurrence-free and overall survival in women with high-risk, early-stage epithelial ovarian cancer, based on data from 350 patients.