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President Donald Trump's call for normalisation between Arab countries and the Zionist entity and its decision to recognise Al-Quds as the capital of Israel," he added.
L'obtention du statut de membre au sein du conseil de l'ISO permettra a l'INNORPI de prendre part aux politiques de normalisation internationale tenant compte des besoins nationaux et des orientations strategiques de la Tunisie.
Normalisation has set off a tourism boom and visits by hundreds of executives from the US and dozens of other nations newly-interested in doing business on the island.
Iqbal said the signing of the normalisation annex had been an emotional matter.
Going by the bank's previous speak about calibrated normalisation, it is given, that in all probability there will be a 25 basis points hike.
Sargsian who said that that closed borders and ultimatums are a thing of the past, expressed his belief that normalisation of relations between the two countries would yield positive results for the whole region and Europe.
My association will take the initiative to contact Shura Council chairman Ali Saleh Al Saleh and convey people's refusal of all normalisation steps," he said.
Definitely, maybe not: The normalisation of recreational drug use amongst young people, Sociology, 31(3):1-19.
La publication de cette nouvelle norme intervient dans le cadre de la celebration, vendredi 14 octobre 2016, de la journee mondiale de la normalisation, precise un communique de l'INNORPI publie, vendredi.
TUNIS (TAP)- The High Authority for Supporting Resistance and Fight against Normalisation with Zionism (non-governmental organisation) called, during a meeting held Sunday in Tunis, for "incriminating normalisation with Israel in the Tunisian law.
Dubai: A flurry of American diplomatic activity involving both Arabs and Israelis is expected to materialise "in the coming weeks" in a new Middle East peace plan that includes Arab normalisation measures with Israel, in return for Israel freezing all colony expansion activities, Arab officials and informed political experts confirmed to Gulf News.
L'Institut National de la Normalisation et de la Propriete Industrielle (INNORPI), qui celebrera, le 25 mars 2016, la journee arabe de la normalisation sous le signe "la normalisation, un outil de developpement durable", s'apprete a publier la premiere version officielle du referentiel national de la gouvernance.
Dubai: The upcoming meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US Middle East peace envoy George Mitchell carries a certain significance to American efforts to draw a new peace plan that includes Arab normalisation for Israeli freezing of colony activities, Arab officials and analysts said on Thursday.