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a two-year school for training elementary teachers

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The acquisition is for the chromebook equipment and maintenance licenses of the joensuu normal school, as per this call for proposals and its technical annex.
Normal school is a name that was once widely used for a college devoted to teacher training.
Our goal now is to ensure normal school operations throughout the remainder of this academic year,'' she said.
BEIRUT: Education Minister Elias Bou Saab announced Sunday that Monday would be a normal school day, adding that there would be no classes Tuesday for Ashoura.
Page, principal of the New York State Normal School at Albany, advocated music for its utilitarian purpose of building character, maintaining order, and promoting good reading ability.
She attended Pleasant Hill High School and Oregon Normal School, now Western Oregon University.
Parents were told that they could collect their children at any time during the day, but we were staying open during the normal school hours until further notice.
Plass says he was less than one semester away from graduating from what was then called Eastern Oregon Normal School and starting a career as a teacher.
Parents were asked to send their children to classes at Trerobart Primary School in Ynysybwl in their normal school uniform on Wales' national day yesterday to minimise disruption during the week-long inspection.
Gill Tomlinson, superintendent radiographer at Solihull Hospital, said: "A lot of effort and work has been put in by the students, which they did after the normal school day, and the resulting mural is wonderful.
Moon Rabbit is an interesting story that links ancient Chinese culture to normal school life.
The Extended Schools Programme offers a range of activities and services, often outside the normal school day to help meet the needs of children, their families and the wider community.
Each year hundreds of students are involved in activities that take place outside the normal school hours.
Some normal schools offered what we would now consider a four-year high school curriculum while others, like the Chicago Normal School in 1897, added a fifth or even sixth year for the training of teachers.