normal distribution

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a theoretical distribution with finite mean and variance

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Secondly, we examined four distributions by which we can simulate and test our hypotheses of variance, namely, standard normal distribution, half normal distribution, a positive skew normal distribution, and a negative skew normal distribution.
The value of this number obeys the normal distribution where the mean is [mu] and the deviation is a in [a, b].
Graph of the normal distribution is in the form of a completely symmetrical bell-shaped curve which was shown with the mean statistical parameters and variance and which indicates the amount of data distribution and thus the extent of normal distribution curve.
the distribution of year-to-year usages is stationary (each year's usage is drawn from the same normal distribution); and
The first one is calculated assuming normal distribution of expected inflation and official current inflation as a measure of perceived inflation.
In Pacey's platoon dispersion model, the speed is assumed following normal distribution ranging from negative to positive infinity, which does not properly reflect the field situation.
The points of the modal value of the empirical distribution are called the points of left part of the first normal distribution. It has been considered that diameter of nanofibres is distributed by normal distribution, and in the other side of modal value the symmetrical points were marked.
Normal distribution with mean 0 and standard deviation 2.3833 for sample sizes 3.
The resulting probability density distribution of the correct time of operation is a normal distribution with parameters: m = 168219 as well as [sigma] = 83722.
Keywords Appraisal, normalisation, outlier, distribution fitting, normal distribution
The Lion literally flew off the virtual shelves of Apple's App Store, which is now the only way that users can purchase the Lion - by downloading it directly from the store instead of getting it through the normal distribution channels.
In the early 1960s, a French mathematician named Benoit Mandelbrot analyzed a century's worth of cotton price movements and found fluctuations far more dramatic than the normal distribution models deemed possible.
If market movements followed a normal distribution, such a plunge would be extremely surprising.
METHODS: We have presented the likelihood function for a bivariate normal distribution taking into account values < LOD as well as missing data assumed missing at random, and we use the estimated distributional parameters to impute values < LOD and to generate multiple plausible data sets for analysis by standard statistical methods.
where [[PHI].sup.-1](p) = quantile of normal distribution at specified probability p,