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Synonyms for normal

Synonyms for normal

Synonyms for normal

something regarded as a normative example

conforming with or constituting a norm or standard or level or type or social norm

Related Words

in accordance with scientific laws


being approximately average or within certain limits in e.g. intelligence and development

forming a right angle

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Suggested Normal Concentrations of Commonly Measured Biochemical Markers in Microdialysate Samples From the Uninjured Human Brain, Collected at a Perfusate Flow Rate of 0.
Given a probability measure [mu] on (S, P(S)) and an S-valued random variable X with law L(X) = [mu], we say that [mu] or X has normal concentration if there exist constants C, c > 0 such that, for every u > 0, uniformly over 1-Lipschitz functions f : S [right arrow] R,
The Tokyo Fire Department said it detected 369 parts per million of methane gas, 460 times the normal concentration level of 0.
However, the procedure used in the University of Tokyo study removes fat cells from the legs or stomach and enriches them with a higher than normal concentration of stem cells, or "master cells" (the building blocks of human cellular development), to form a mixture that will then be injected into the breast area.
Awmack, an ecologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, put aphids, one at a time, into a Y-shaped tube that gave insects a choice between dining on wheat grown in air with a normal concentration of C[O.
As we age, the brain's capacity for regulating even that normal concentration of copper weakens, and the amount of copper in the brain increases, he says.
The normal concentration is said to be 20-30 picograms.
The normal concentration of sodium chloride, or common salt, in seawater is 25-35 g per liter (or 25-35 parts per thousand).
Because the manufacturing byproducts of these resins are completely removed during the resin isolation process, total VOC content of the base resin is half the normal concentration, according to the company.
When it died, scientists discovered it had been poisoned by cadmium, a toxic metal that was found at eight times the normal concentration in the tortoise's liver and kidneys.
They still have their normal concentration of dissolved salts and sugars.
2 mg/dL (0-2 mg/L)], along with a normal concentration of urine [[beta].
PAGE 2 Death inquest A MOTHER-of-four died after being given ten times the normal concentration of a solution during a routine medical procedure at a Birmingham hospital, an inquest heard.
The normal concentration of 25-hydroxy-vitamin D in the blood serum is 25-50ng/ml.