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Synonyms for norm

the norm


Synonyms for norm

a regular or customary matter, condition, or course of events

something, as a type, number, quantity, or degree, that represents a midpoint between extremes on a scale of valuation

Synonyms for norm

a standard or model or pattern regarded as typical

a statistic describing the location of a distribution

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While Joe and Norm enjoy their brew, accompanied by the unceasing howl of wind, Fogo's bodies of fresh water are sufficiently frozen over that a Norm-sized man can shimmy over the surface without fear of drowning.
We as a country have no way of dealing with NORM," said Mr Al Najar.
Keywords: social norms, injunctive, athlete, coach, college, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana
It is often assumed in this literature that global norms originate in materially powerful Northern countries.
Even if we do not share such a general negative appraisal, corporate voluntary norm-related behavior in the context of transnational environmental VAR is, to say it least, multifarious: While many companies still do business as usual and resist complying, others engage sporadically, and only a few companies have currently begun to contribute proactively to processes of voluntary norm acceptance and norm implementation.
Those less familiar with Norm might have been slightly put off by comments he would make frequently such as "do you know how old I am?
One study has found that a large gap in self-other norm discrepancies can lead to sexual dissatisfaction.
In May Produce Gas, we see Norm predictably confused by his dad's rantings about global warming, icebergs and something about greenhouses.
Social norms act as the glue that helps to govern social institutions and hold humans societies together, but how do we acquire these norms in the first place?
The norm against torture, for example, is commonly said to apply to state actors but not to non-state actors, though in fact the formal distinction in international law is between those who act with a sufficient connection to the state and those who do not.
Norms may seem like a great difficulty because of their implicit nature and the varying scope to which each individual norm applies.
Making Corporate Social Responsibility a Global Concern: Norm Construction in a Globalizing World, Farnham, Ashgate 2010
com)-- Renowned Asian male photographer Norm Yip wants all admirers of The Asian Male, the title to his photography books, to be able to have one of his photographs hanging on their home walls.
Norm was a devoted and loving husband, and best friend of his wife of 22 years, Deborah Walters.