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Synonyms for norm

the norm


Synonyms for norm

a regular or customary matter, condition, or course of events

something, as a type, number, quantity, or degree, that represents a midpoint between extremes on a scale of valuation

Synonyms for norm

a standard or model or pattern regarded as typical

a statistic describing the location of a distribution

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Over the next 15 years, my wife and I had the great fortune to become friends with Norm and briefly with his beloved wife of over 50 years, Jean (she passed away in 2004).
Indeed, as Norm once philosophically mused, "on to the next Schmidtheim.
With the help of Next Chapter Animal Rescue, Norm will fully regain his vision and hopefully find a loving home
Regan said: "Ordinarily in humans, you would prick their finger and regulate their blood sugar levels that way, but Norm doesn't have fingers.
Epistemic Norms and the "Epistemic Game" They Regulate: The Basic Structured Epistemic Costs and Benefits, DAVID HENDERSON and PETER GRAHAM
A Refined Account of the "Epistemic Game": Epistemic Norms, Temptations, and Epistemic Cooperation, DAVID HENDERSON and PETER GRAHAM
In some cases, militaries or governments will have relevant unique operational experience to lend to norm development efforts.
Militaries will benefit by being involved in the norm development process because military activities will, over time, largely follow established norms even if not required to do so.
With access to Norm's health and bank records, Sterling was able to determine a care program for Norm, including a retirement home.
Norm is now set up in a retirement home where he will get the round-the-clock care that he needs.
Every social norm measure requires the specification of a referent group (Shulman & Levine, 2012).
Once the norm is widely acknowledged, comes the third stage--norm internalization.
and fiduciary norms, regardless of whether either type of norm actually
3) We add to this catalogue by characterizing the trajectory of the sustainable development norm as a "failure to launch.
The group suggested that the ministry should release an interim report on the "status of implementation" to dispel rumours about the norms not being met.