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a storm blowing from the northeast


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And in just the last two weeks, our state has been hit by three Noreasters M.
At the air speeds achieved during the Noreaster flight, the spectral broadening varied from about 0.
Disaster will come in the form of a hurricane like 2012's Sandy, or a noreaster like the one I rode through, or a garden variety winter storm that sends homes into the ocean and punches a new hole through the island.
A Noreaster had me standing at Diversy one morning--hummed to myself, sang out loud--Aud Lang's eye, Star-Spangled Banner, Taps, old campfire songs, anything to pass time.
The northern pair, Wardle Reef (closed) and Nathan Reef (open), and the southern pair, Noreaster Reef (closed) and Potter Reef (open), were approximately 30 km apart, and the reefs within pairs were 5 and 10 km minimum distance from each other respectively (Fig.
After being hit by two winter storms and with a third noreaster hitting tonight, Hudson Valley residents deserve the peace of mind of knowing that no matter the disaster the federal government will help them with their recovery.
USGS field crews are deploying storm-tide and wave sensors today from Maine to Delaware to track and study a Noreaster forecasted to begin tomorrow.
I want to thank all the first responders, plow drivers, utility workers, law enforcement, firefighters and emergency management officials that worked through the night and into this morning to respond to an unprecedented noreaster with high winds and difficult conditions.
The beaches and dunes were damaged by strong storms, including a Noreaster in October of 2015 and Hurricane Joaquin in January of 2016.
Tenders are invited for purchase and have installed a 30~ x 96~ hoop greenhouse structure, noreaster model, as manufactured by rimol greenhouse systems, inc or equivalent.
The researchers also compared Hurricane Sandy to other historic storms along the New Jersey coast, and found that in most coastal locations, Sandys peak water-surface elevations exceeded those set by the Great Noreaster of December 1992, the March 1962 storm, and the Great Atlantic Hurricane of 1944 in most places.