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He said: "Securing the exclusive partnership with the Nooky range we knew we might experience a similar reaction when we launched the range.
Yes, that's right--leaving the best to the last--strangely a little nooky the day after a heavy drinking session can be invigorating.
If I ended up in a shelter and my girlfriend didn't do a thing to help me get out, not only would there be no more nooky for her, but there would also be no more roof over her head--because I would have burned it down.
In a collaboration with Bolton's Octagon Theatre the Yorkshire-based outfit are staging Lisa's Sex Strike, which they declare has the sub-title of: "No more nooky 'til the fighting stops".
Cut to London in 1989, where Blake is having some quick nooky with his wife, Kathy (Gina McKee), and their lovemaking is interrupted by dad's knock on the door.
See particularly Ann Scales, Nooky Nation: On Tort Law and Other Arguments from Nature, in DIRECTIONS IN SEXUAL HARASSMENT LAW, supra note 158, at 307, 309-12.
New and curious alliances create a loop: one end with flowing digital architecture, intellectually distancing itself from the architecture of the nooky, the particular, or the expressive.
The trouble with nooky is, unlike a good joke which can be endlessly enjoyed in the mind, sexual satisfaction demands disproportionate effort (ever wondered why seemingly fit middle-age plus men suddenly drop dead?
She built a nooky camp and "Chicken" Stu soon had his feet under the table - albeit reluctantly.
He's used to doing his rounds and wanted a bit of nooky.
On the plus side, there also appears to have been--if the pulp novels from the '50s and '60s are valid chronicles--a lot of excellent, if furtive, nooky.
Sir, - 'Given half a chance the vast majority of people would indulge in a bit of nooky on the side,' said Ros Dodd (Post, Feb 1).
Trust me, it almost always works if the assessment shows a lack of nooky in the target's profile.
184), in the "invisible imprint of his absent thighs" "upon the nooky seat" (p.