nook and cranny

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He warned all stakeholders and companies to take initiatives for removal of illegal sinages and hoardings on their own or else those vehicles that continued to roam around the nook and cranny of the metropolis would be confiscated and the goods thus advertised would also be banned for sale.
Goldfrapp said very little between tunes, her epic, ethereal voice filling every nook and cranny of the Royal Concert Hall.
I think we need security at Pool Meadow all the time, and covering every nook and cranny of the station.
com) exudes sexiness from every nook and cranny, from the BED restaurant in its lobby to its spectacular rooftop bar (the only one of its kind in the downtown area).
Throughout the two main reading floors there is a wide variety of environments ranging from more orthodox spaces, such as the rectangular galleried reading room, to the more expressive spaces such as the cavernous study bays to the south; with each nook and cranny adding to the diversity of places.
The clinical director of the Northern Ontario Remote Telecommunications Health (NORTH) Network is always looking for ways to better deliver tele-health services into every nook and cranny of Northern Ontario.
An atmosphere of mourning and loss, coupled with prurient curiosity, spikes the historical spectacle that unfolds as we examine every nook and cranny of the hospital, dorms, grounds, and outbuildings that collectively reiterate principles of nineteenth-century social utopianism and, at same time, give testimony to the souring of social ideals into dystopic nightmares.
However, one strain of mold--stachybotrys--is an increasingly worrisome poisonous agent that can infiltrate every nook and cranny of a house or an apartment.
His globetrotting has brought the symbolism of the papacy to almost every nook and cranny on earth.
Designer Fiona Gray has made it her business to explore every nook and cranny of the banks of the Tyne from the river mouth to Newburn.
The implosion of the South Tower generated tornado-force winds which distributed fine dust from the destruction of the World Trade Center into every nook and cranny of 130 Liberty Street through the 15-story gash and approximately 1,700 broken windows," the complaint said.
In Being America: Liberty, Commerce, and Violence in an American World, he sets out to trace our influence into every nook and cranny of the globe.
The world's sport is played in every nook and cranny, and soccer coaches speak the same language.
LMSB must transform itself from an agency that looks at every nook and cranny during an examination to one where auditors perform risk analyses.
It's having bus trips repeatedly interrupted by checkpoint officials, who require all passengers to get off the bus, then board themselves to minutely inspect every nook and cranny.