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The second section chronicles the rapidly declining relations between workers and nonworkers up to October 1918.
Estimates from a simultaneous model of work participation, disability, and income flows suggest that nonworkers tend to substantially overreport limitation, with overreporting most prevalent among nonworking women, high school dropouts, nonwhites, and former blue collar workers.
This finding was not unexpected because of favorable underlying characteristics of workers compared with nonworkers, such as younger age and lower prevalence of diagnosed underlying medical conditions, which make workers less likely to be hospitalized for influenza.
036] Sample: hospitals located in areas with nonworker share of population greater than 45% prior to NHI reform Technology ownership probability (N = 2381) Private * NHI 0.
While such an application is pending, neither the worker nor the immediate family members (who are typically admitted on a separate nonworker visa) are authorized to work.
The workers' involvement in neighborhoods, schools, and homeownership led them to share with nonworker neighbors a desire to "stop the politicians [from] spending our money.
Bureau of Labor Statistics (2014), and presented here in four main groups: M-P, management or professional; O-S, office, sales, or service; BC, blue collar (fishing, farming, and forestry; construction, extraction, maintenance, production, transportation, and material moving); NW, nonworker (student, disabled, retired, or unemployed).
Minority A (0, 1) variable equal to one if the respondent identifies him/herself as Black or Hispanic Time use variables Nonworker, A (0, 1) variable equal to one if the nonvolunteer woman neither works nor volunteers.
Note that the probability, then, for "no earner" and "not working (other than retired)" is the same, because the nonworker is also a nonearner, presumably.
In the probit employment model without an individual fixed effect, the lagged hours variable is largely a proxy for whether a woman is a worker or a nonworker.
For much of the open discussion about our aging population, the dependency ratios in table 11 for the 65 and older population has been expressed, not as nonworkers per worker, but as workers per nonworker.
Modifications to the rules governing time limits for childless adults would allow states the flexibility to more effectively engage nonworkers in employment opportunities--for example, by better tailoring employment and training programs to local economies' needs and using other strategies outlined in a recent report by Brent Orrell, Harry Holzer, and Robert Doar.
But he said "the times were different" as he released a Tony Blair Institute report calling for tough new measures, including forcing EU immigrants to register on arrival and restricting benefits or access to the NHS for certain groups such as nonworkers.