nonvolatile storage

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computer storage that is not lost when the power is turned off

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The FM25L256 reads and writes at bus speeds comparable to those of a high-speed RAM, but provides nonvolatile storage like a conventional nonvolatile memory.
AEON will enhance AKM's products by enabling nonvolatile storage of calibration and configuration data, a method that allows chip design specifications to be achieved while increasing overall manufacturing yield.
With unlimited access cycles, the nvSRAM combines volatile and nonvolatile storage, replacing both SRAM and EEPROM in the end system.
The memory subsystem uses NAND Flash for nonvolatile storage of operating system code, application code, and application data.
This architecture will allow Simtek to produce future nonvolatile static RAM products with multiple nonvolatile storage bits for each static RAM cell, delivering much higher bit densities while maintaining the current product's high speed, easy-to-use static RAM interface.
With its unlimited access cycles, FRAM provides any combination of volatile and nonvolatile storage, replacing both SRAM and EEPROM in the end system without the typical disadvantages.
The CAT5409 and CAT5419 feature nonvolatile storage of multiple wiper positions per potentiometer and a write protection pin that secures stored wiper positions in the DPP IC," said Catalyst Product Marketing Manager Gary Craig.
In addition, the FM24CL04 is ideal nonvolatile storage, in any power sensitive system, allowing users to extend battery life and improve system performance.