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not resulting in vision

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The law requires they be useable nonvisually but deployers often ignore that," Maurer said.
of subjects with damage to eye, orbit, cranial nerve II, and/or other cranial nerve (III, IV, or VI) among all nonvisually impaired subjects (n = 31).
That is, they might surmise that sighted people have a word for the sort of thing that they, the blind, can only nonvisually surmise.
This task had a balanced visuality measure in the sense that it was as likely to be solved visually as it was nonvisually.
Furthermore, intervention in graphic information processing may not be necessary for most children with low vision since the majority of these children are well within the range of their nonvisually impaired peers.
It may also be due to the fact that among all the functional vision groups, the NV group had the lowest scores on the assessment, as did their nonvisually impaired matches.