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Therefore, Frankenstein and Patchwork Girl do indeed represent the gothic "literature of somatic affect"--to return to Christopher Keep's phrase--liberating the body, emotions, and nonvisual perceptions from the grip of ocular dominance conspired with Cartesian reason.
The papers accepted to the symposium spanned a diverse set of problems and domains in which robots interact with the environment and utilize visual and nonvisual object representations.
The 3' end is highly conserved among other retinal group B opsins, so this disparity between the 3' ends of retinally and extraretinally expressed opsins may reflect differences between their visual and nonvisual functions.
For the poets whom Maxwell and Larrissy consider, blindness is used to suggest a holistic experience of the external world, with an emphasis on nonvisual sensory detail.
However, there remains much we still don't know about the human circadian system, and people's nonvisual photosensitivity can be affected by their state of adaptation, the time of day, and the quantity of light--so a lot more investigation is needed in this field.
2) This brief mention of sex and gender criticism in Faulkner is not meant to be comprehensive but to establish that there has been a significant scholarly conversation regarding gender and the works of Faulkner for many years and that while some of the most recent criticism comes tantalizingly close to querying gender and the nonvisual senses (such as Jarvis's work), a more thorough consideration of gender and the nonvisual senses is needed.
The device can also be used for nonvisual, nonverbal communication of feelings and emotions, which are expressed through tactile sensations emitted by the device.
There are already a number of mainstream education technology vendors who are making a point to build accessibility into their products; some even go to the effort of certifying their web-based applications through services such as the National Federation of the Blind's Nonvisual Accessibility Web Certification or the WebAIM Accessible Web Site Certification programs.
In spectral imaging, an additional light source allows the researcher to switch between different wavelengths of light; as these wavelengths interact with the deeper tissue, they interact with biochemicals, providing information on certain biomarkers, such as increased oxygen saturation and blood flow, providing researchers a completely new, nonvisual way of "looking" at the cervix.
These fish, similar to many other cave organisms (Porter and Crandall, 2003), exhibit reduced eye-size and pigmentation of the body but also have evolved enhanced nonvisual senses and are able to communicate in darkness (Plath et al.
Nonvisual arrestins function as simple scaffolds assembling the MKK4-JNK3alpha2 signaling complex.
For people who are visually impaired, most train platforms use tactile flooring--such as tiles with bumps--to provide users with a nonvisual warning that they're too close to the platform edge.
In a series of studies, Matsumiya took advantage of a phenomenon called the "face aftereffect" to investigate whether our visual system responds to nonvisual signals for processing faces.
The movie suffers badly from its nonvisual elements -- a weak script and Gomez's lightweight presence.
These include an iPhone course for beginners, an introductory course for social media, use of emails, courses on Braille and sign language, a course in English language and a course on the use of Al Natiq programme A[degrees] a NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA) software.