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Part two is, in effect, a how-to manual for learning how to become "ethically responsible readers" (61) by "reading the Bible nonviolently" (73).
After my husband was killed in South Africa in 2000 (car accident), I was evacuated to the United States, determined to work nonviolently for US demilitarization on behalf of all the other women, children and men around the world I had come to love so much.
With this progressive spirituality as his inspiration, Rogers used his children's program as a platform for sharing countercultural beliefs about caring nonviolently for one another, animals, and the earth.
While females wrestle to the death, male drones gather nonviolently, sometimes with drones from the opposing side.
And they did it peacefully and nonviolently. It was those young people, those old people that stood no matter what the weather for over 103 days, that kept going, those are the ones that have stood for Michael Brown." Late Monday, state prosecutors said there was not enough evidence to bring charges against Wilson, despite the testimony of several witnesses, and the autopsy report, suggesting Brown was surrendering at the time Wilson shot him.
The twist, however, is that the team, Papa Francisco, has dedicated itself to playing the game nonviolently.
Gandhi started a movement to nonviolently oppose the British rule in India.
The youth often aspire to find a way to resolve a conflict nonviolently.
Rachel Corrie was a 23-year-old American peace activist and human rights defender from Olympia, Washington, who was crushed to death by an Israeli military bulldozer March 16, 2003, as she stood nonviolently to prevent the demolition of a Palestinian family's home in Rafah, Gaza.
Yesterday, an activist named Fadi Quran who has very publicly advocated nonviolent resistance was arrested, seemingly while protesting nonviolently. Quran is a Stanford grad who, for example, appeared on the popular video-blogging Website Bloggingheads (which I used to freelance for).
Examining the activities and narratives of both Israeli and Palestinian peace activists during the Second Intifada that began in 2000, Hallward (political science and international affairs, Kennesaw State U.) is seeking to achieve three goals: to amplify the voices of Palestinians and Israelis who have continued to work nonviolently for a just, secure, and durable peace during a time of violence and thus demonstrate the existence of "partners for peace" in both societies; broaden empirical knowledge and understanding of peace and conflict resolution processes in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; and challenge the typically monolithic assumptions about each community's identities, goals, and actions found in Western media and scholarship (particularly in the US).
The study's authors recommended proven prevention strategies such as supporting programs to enhance youth skills and motivation to behave nonviolently and promoting positive relationships between youth and adults.
It is our responsibility to stand up nonviolently against them.
She was nonviolently protesting against Palestinian home demolitions when the army bulldozer crushed her to death.
M.'s use of examples from Scripture, Christian theology, and human experience is compelling, as is his assertion that we have a natural capacity to live nonviolently, indeed, to love everyone from the heart as Jesus calls us to do.