nonviolent resistance

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peaceful resistance to a government by fasting or refusing to cooperate

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The material is organized into three major parts with the first describing the efforts of reformers between 1975 and 2010, focusing on the relatively weaker forms of nonviolent resistance they employed--such as petitions, newspaper-ads, and demonstrations at the Council of Bishops.
Nonviolent Resistance in order to celebrate, remember and confirm the popular
I had gone to the Denver Federal Court for the sentencing of Carol Gilbert, Ardeth Platte, and Jackie Hudson--the three Plowshares sisters convicted of sabotage for their symbolic nonviolent resistance at a missile site in Colorado.
Fortunately there is an answer: civilian-based, nonviolent resistance by the Iraqi people, developed and applied in accordance with a strategy to undermine Saddam's basis of power.
Nonviolent resistance may not provide the incendiary spectacle of armed revolt, but that does not make it any less effective.
The festival celebrates the completion of the annual summer camp, and commitment of area residents to nonviolent resistance to the Israeli occupation practices in Area C.
The third Annual At-Tuwani Festival will celebrate, on Saturday August 7, some of the many successes of the last year; including, the completion of the 9th annual summer camp, increased building and services in the villages of the area, and continued nonviolent resistance to the Israeli occupation.
The author discusses Gandhi's life and work and his thoughts on religion, human nature, nonviolent resistance, and society.
Richard Attenborough's Gandhi lauded its hero's nonviolent resistance to the British Empire and won eight golden statuettes.
August 3-10, War Resisters' International Triennial Conference, "Stories and Strategies: Nonviolent Resistance and Social Change.
Head of Beit Iksa village council, Kamal Hababeh, told WAFA that the prevention order came on claims that Palestinians will use them in the nonviolent resistance against the occupation.
ROME, July 4, 2010 (WAFA)- A petition called for pressurizing Israel to release of more than 7 thousand political Palestinians prisoners, among which more than 300 younger, and to stop Israeli repression against popular nonviolent resistance.
He points out that the Osage nonviolent resistance is ironic because they were renowned for their martial skills, fierce warriors who seized control of the central and southern prairies during the 18th century and maintained hegemony for at least a century.
Beginning in 1996, Adem Demaqi (who spent 28 years in prison for his political beliefs and has been called Kosovo's "Nelson Mandela") began calling for more active nonviolent resistance to the Serbian repression.
But count this recollection of my wife, Mev, as one small act of nonviolent resistance to the mania and frenzy unleashed by Diana's death.