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Synonyms for nonviolent

abstaining (on principle) from the use of violence

achieved without bloodshed


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The growth of Jewish solidarity groups, the surge of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) "Refuseniks," and the growth of the land-for-peace movement inside Israel were direct consequences of the mass uprising and its relatively nonviolent character.
Probation is the best solution for most first-time nonviolent offenders, and short sentences are usually enough to punish the rest of the nonviolent who live each day in prison in terror of the violent.
The film can serve as the basis For a 2- or 3-week unit exploring nonviolent mass action as a force for political and social change.
Cortright, who teaches peace studies at Notre Dame, makes a thoughtful and compelling case that the power of nonviolent action is virtually untapped--our understanding of nonviolence as a political and social force, he says, is like the awareness of electricity at the time of Edison.
Without fanfare, small groups of people around the world are pioneering the use of nonviolent tactics to end conflict - `making peace by peaceful means,' in the words of noted Norwegian scholar Johan Galtung.
July 17-20: Nonviolent Crisis Intervention; Toronto; Call 1-800-558-8976 or register online at www.
Throughout his life Gandhi sought to develop a nonviolent way of life in which human beings could recognize themselves as God's children, irrespective of religion and culture, and live in truth, love and justice.
A Force More Powerful" presents ten scenarios inspired by history and allows a player to be the chief strategist in a nonviolent movement.
Explore one of the key elements in Indias struggle for independence: Gandhi's strategy of nonviolent opposition.
Gretton, Hare, & Catchpole (2004), in a 10-year follow-up on 175 adolescent males found high psychopathy scores related to violent offending but not nonviolent offending.
In Jesus and Nonviolence: A Third Way (Fortress Press, 2003), Wink denies that nonviolence is merely a passive response to evil, describes many successful nonviolent movements in scripture and history, and argues that Jesus' command not to resist the evildoer (Matt 5:39) is actually a call not to use evil (or violent) means in resisting evil.
Muste, spent nine months in prison as a conscientious objector to the Korean War, and after obtaining a master's in sociology from Ohio State University and a doctorate in political science from Oxford University, he went on to become the world's foremost nonviolent strategist.
The ability of human beings to sacrifice and resist is the focus of Gene Sharp's recent book, Waging Nonviolent Struggle, about resistance to repression in the twentieth century.
But graduating them with no course in the philosophy, history, and practices of nonviolent conflict resolution is currently acceptable.