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having nine units or components

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In this paper, a simple and reliable concept with a combination of Quintuplication and Manchester Error Correcting Scheme, known as QMEC code that corrects nonuple errors has proposed.
Henceforth, QMEC code corrects up to nonuple errors with the effective coupling capacitance of (1+2Y) C[.sub.T].
The QMEC Decipher works in M-RSE-IDE model that detects and corrects up to nonuple errors after decoding.
The above mechanism seems to be familiar while the decoded bits from the Manchester RSE-IDE pass through selection switch that comprises nonupler algorithm to correct nonuple errors
The proposed QMEC is rectifying nonuple random errors or conjunction of both random and burst errors totaling nonuple.
Pt(5m,1), Pt(5m,2), Pt(5m,3), Pt(5m,4), Pt(5m,5), Pt(5m,6), Pt(5m,7), Pt(5m,8), Pt(5m,9) are the probabilities of errors with zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and nonuple in a (5m) number of bits.
The proposed QMEC codec corrects nonuple errors with cross talk avoidance by the process of quintuplication.
In order to better understand the residual error rate, two of the noise situations of different techniques such as (a) only nonuple random errors (b) mix of six random and three burst errors are considered.
QMEC code registered a low residual rate in correcting the combination of errors and proved that the proposed code is capable of correcting errors extending to nonuple. The graph also picturizes the residual rate of DAP (65, 32) flit which raises as result of a failure of correcting burst error [19] while the CADEC and JTEC have low residual flit error rate compared to DAP as they can correct errors of two and three only.
The proposed QMEC code achieves 71% reduction in voltage consumption the d flit error rate of 10-20 than MBRBEC and corrects nonuple errors in contrast to five by MBRBEC.
The implementation of Manchester coding in QMEC was effective in correcting nonuple errors and consumes less power than MBRBEC, which is evident with the results depicted above.
The QMEC corrects nonuple errors than five errors by MBRBEC of any scenario of exclusively random errors or multiple random and burst errors with crosstalk avoidance.