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not affiliated in a trade union

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A repeated cross section of respondent data from 1996 to 2012 is pooled to estimate pay gaps for four teacher groups: unionized public sector teachers, unionized private sector teachers, nonunionized public sector teachers, and nonunionized private sector teachers.
In recent years, the National Labor Relations Board has been active in invalidating the policies of unionized and nonunionized employers as violations of the NLRA that infringe upon employees' rights to engage in "protected concerted activity.
Remember, this was fifty years ago in the nonunionized South.
While wage differentials between union members and nonmembers might not be significant due to unions' weak "monopoly" face, we expect unionized firms to offer higher wages and nonwage compensation, along with more employee training than nonunionized firms.
Cheap paper money, semi-skilled, nonunionized labor, repressive totalitarian governments - all of these contribute to low- to middle value-added products in the so-called export economies.
Certainly prisons are hard to beat as an onshore source of cheap, nonunionized labor that will never go on strike.
Topics include the cultural and political atmosphere of the India House hostel in Highgate, an ideological influence on Madan Lal Dhingra, the assassin of British colonial official Sir William Curzon Wyllie; the 1939-1949 strikes of nonunionized Indian seamen working British ships, the subtle relationship between elite resistance and imperialism as personified by the figures of Duleep Singh and Abdul Karim, both befriended by Queen Victoria; the involvement of Duleep Singh's daughter Sophia with the British suffragette movement; the relationship between South Asian and Irish nationalists in the interwar period; and the literary resistance of Mulk Raj Anand, among other subjects.
Manufacturing jobs to China California 475,000 Texas 239,600 New York 158,800 Illinois 113,700 North Carolina 110,200 Narrowing pay gap Unionized workers typically earn more than nonunionized ones, but the gap has narrowed in the past 30 years.
4%) were concentrated on moderate levels of employment relations while a majority of nonunionized employees (45%) were on high level as against only 15.
Mediation can be a very appropriate part of the grievance process in nonunionized corporations.
The true origins of the Bakeshop Act lie in an economic conflict between unionized New York bakers, who labored in large shops and lobbied relentlessly in favor of the law, and their nonunionized, mostly Jewish and Italian immigrant competitors, who tended to work longer hours in small, old-fashioned bakeries.
Among workers in similar jobs, unionized workers have higher pay, higher rates of health coverage, and better benefits than do nonunionized workers" (Herbert, 2007).
You definitely jump through more hoops, and it's more time consuming," she said, adding that nonunionized companies have much more flexibility when it comes to salaries and work hours.
Both nonunionized and unionized employers are vulnerable because the protected concerted activity provisions of the NLRA apply to both.
After Congress froze salaries for nonunion employees of executive branch agencies, the NCUA froze the salaries of its nonunionized staff members, who make up about 20% of its workforce.