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the quality of being diverse and interesting

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review will promote greater intra-circuit nonuniformity does not hold:
It is proposed that "worms" formed on the extrudate surface are related to the wall slip phenomena at the high shear rate range, and any random and intermittent fluctuations of the slip layer may lead to some type of surface nonuniformity.
Column (a) shows three MR images with different level intensity nonuniformity (INU), column (b) shows the estimated bias field, column (c) shows the corrected images, and column (d) shows the segmentation results.
Figure 2 is brain magnetic resonance image (MRI) of size 397 x 397 with 2% noise and 10% level intensity nonuniformity.
Those periodic disturbances can cause severe nonuniformity in the produced film along the moving web direction, which significantly degrades the final product quality.
Chaotic oscillators generate very high power, up to 90 dB, but have a very serious shortcoming, because of the nonuniformity of the spectra, typically of about 20 dB to 30 dB.
regional nonuniformity of a visual field after adjusting for the mean defect of entire field).
Our results suggest that the connective tissue fibers in IM-3 are arranged to accommodate the nonuniformity in circumferential strain present in the mantle wall.
A mathematical model of tumor growth II: effect of geometry and spatial nonuniformity on stability, Math.
The nonuniformity of the solution itself, coupled with electrolyte replacement in the diffusion layer, tends to produce an undesirable undercut.
827m between successive sample pairs and a strong nonuniformity.
Leadlink stays competitive in the LED-lit TV market from light nonuniformity of full LED array backlights, which need secondary optic lens from suppliers like Leadlink to skew the inherent shortcoming.
Other complexities such as a nonuniformity or serial correlation (positive or negative) in the distribution of Q can be handled using numerical methods for calculation.
A high nonuniformity of the temperature field along the furnace width was observed.