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not homogeneous

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The effect generated by the nonuniform update period on the system performance is transferred into the effect of the system time-delay during the third method, and the related problems are studied using excellent and mature methods in the time-delay system [13, 15].
In Section II will be described two stage quantization system model--it will be shown design of the both fixed uniform and fixed nonuniform quantizers, as well as measures of the system's performance.
Looking at the technicalities of the winning baked product icing system, Jeremy Shinton of Mitsubishi explains: "There is a persistent problem with food products in general and baked goods in particular with the nonuniform shape of the finished product.
Any deviation of PRF could produce nonuniform sampling, leading to serious azimuth ambiguity if a matched filter is used directly, so further processing of the received signals is required before conventional monostatic SAR algorithms are applied.
The graduate text is a revised version of Lyapunov Exponents and Smooth Ergodic Theory published by AMS in 2001, and reprints selections from Nonuniform Hyperbolicity: Dynamics of Systems with Nonzero Lyapunov Exponents published in 2007.
Factors that promote defects when roughness is nonuniform or high are poor cleanliness, thin deposit and poor storage conditions.
Color uniformity was also well characterized for fruit that tend to have nonuniform pigmentation, such as strawberry.
Periodic Nonuniform Sampling of order 2 (PNS2) is defined by two sequences with same period and some delay between them.
Features include the ability to conduct analysis of both internal (wall-facing and uniform and nonuniform nail length and inclination) and external failure modes for static and seismic loading conditions including global stability, sliding, and bearing capacity.
Because of geometrical constraints, the membrane may undergo a large degree of nonuniform stretching.
This is especially important in the TDO section where nonuniform stretching and the cross-web voiding "gradient" directly reflect the density differences within the product.
In this paper, we consider two concepts of nonuniform exponential stability as particular cases of (h, k)-stability.
This will be further boosted on Friday when the pupils each bring pounds 1 to school for our nonuniform day.
Such noninertial effects are connected with the nonuniform motion of only one of the two twins.