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(of a liquid) not turbulent

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Initial paleoecological and sedimentological evidence suggest a nonturbulent, low energy, marine, mud flat environment.
37) For example, studies have indicated that natural settings, particularly those with "savanna-like properties or nonturbulent water features," provide humans with restorative benefits.
The Efficiency of Foreign Exchange Market Futures Markets in Turbulent and Nonturbulent Periods," Journal of Future Markets, 7, 3, 1987a, pp.
Intrakin, and self-inflicted, antiwoman violence during partition was ultimately part of a "continuum of violence" that women are subjected to in nonturbulent times.
These nonturbulent flows occur at length scales smaller than the lower limit of turbulence (of the order of 1 mm for strong turbulence; Shimeta et al.
The flow through the ingate was nonturbulent and controlled by the complete filling of this region of the runner system.
gun rides are as comfortable as those on airliners flying in nonturbulent air.
Bottom pouring eliminates many surface and subsurface defects because pouring rates are slow and nonturbulent, and suitable fluxing prevents oxxidation during teeming.
Belowthe surface mixed layer, the water column over the deep basins is usually nonturbulent, with vertical mixing rates close to molecular levels (Padman and Dillon 1987; D'Asaro and Morison 1992; Rainville and Winsor 2008; Fer 2009; Lenn et al.
He noted the importance of getting metal into the cavity in a nonturbulent fashion.