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Synonyms for nontransmissible

not acquirable by inheritance

(of disease) not capable of being passed on

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This type of astrocytic response is observed in all our model systems of transmissible prion disease, but is absent from the nontransmissible forms of PrP (i.
the status of subjects with nontransmissible chronic diseases with roots in childhood and adolescence.
These changes could result in an increased risk of chronic nontransmissible diseases in this population.
There is a tendency to link transmissibility and virulence, categorizing strains as either transmissible and virulent or nontransmissible and avirulent (Govan et al.
When we attempted to move plasmid M1s to the ancestral host, we found that it was nontransmissible.
Finally, disease transmissibility has recently been demonstrated for a subtype of GSS previously thought to be nontransmissible (8,10,13).
Transmissible and nontransmissible components of anthropometric variation in the Alexanderwhol Mennonites: II.