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Synonyms for nontransferable

incapable of being transferred

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The estate noted that, pursuant to the IRA agreements, the IRAs were nontransferable and, thus, unmarketable.
Updates made copyrights impractical, therefore, the software was made available to the customer under a nonexclusive and nontransferable license agreement prohibiting reproduction.
the "Fund") (NYSE: GHI) announced today that the Fund has commenced a nontransferable rights offering to stockholders of record on November 10, 2005 (the "Record Date") which grants one non-transferable right for each whole share of common stock held on the Record Date, rounded up to the nearest number of rights divisible by three.
The rights offering will grant holders of the Company's common stock (except the Company's principal stockholder, Angostura Limited and its affiliates) nontransferable subscription rights to purchase in the aggregate up to 408,787 shares of the Company's common stock at a subscription price of $13.
Under the terms of the offering, holders of the Company's common stock (except Angostura Limited and its affiliates) will be entitled to one nontransferable basic subscription right to purchase one share of common stock for each five shares of common stock held at the close of business on the May 20, 2005 record date.