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not involving heat

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The nonthermally cycled sample EDX shows only iron (Fe), aluminum (Al), silica (Si), carbon (C), and oxygen (O).
Analogously like in the case of the first stage of this experiment, the EPR measurements were carried out at room temperature for thermally sterilized and nonthermally sterilized samples of dehydrocholic and also ursodeoxycholic acids in solid state.
[49] proposed "the potential use of AICAR for prophylactic treatment in humans with enhanced susceptibility to exercise and/or heat-induced sudden death associated with RyR1 disease mutations." Moreover, studies on the effects of prior eccentric exercise on isolated mouse [RyR1.sup.Y522S/wt] muscle indicated that high-force eccentric contractions, run under nonthermally stressful conditions, may attenuate the thermal stress-induced loss of function [50].
The growth of nonthermally and minimally heat-processed foods has been facilitated by the evolution of HACCP, nonthermal processing technologies, and hurdles for controlling, inactivating and inhibiting pathogens and spoilage microbes.
However, most gamma rays are produced nonthermally through collisions and radioactivity.
"CoolPoly" from Cool Polymers, Inc., is said to provide a high-performance alternative to the nonthermally conductive plastics that are currently used in heat-sensitive locations.
If we could use RF to nonthermally inactivate microbes, a product would retain its fresh-like qualities and many nutrients.
Thermal properties, e.g., heat capacity, of amorphous materials are quite different from those of crystalline materials because of the existence of the nonthermally equivalent state.