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not involving heat

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If conductive material causes focal increase in thermal energy, the advantage of the nonthermal property of IRE is rendered debatable.
To gauge nonthermal plasmas' effectiveness, researchers pumped a model virus -- harmless to humans -- into flowing air as it entered a reactor.
Moreover, nonthermal effects of RF include adipocyte stimulation, leading to lipase.mediated degradation of triglycerides or even adipocyte apoptosis.
"Gunes [11]" demonstrated that supercritical C[O.sub.2] at 8 MPa can be an effective nonthermal alternative process for pasteurization of grape juice and tomato paste.
Also, a good correlation between EC and Cl is also found ([R.sup.2] = 0.93), indicating mixing of thermal and nonthermal waters in upflow zones, which leads to the formation of intermediate thermal waters [40].
[34] found alteration of melon pH using a nonthermal preservation technology (electron beam irradiation, 1.5 kGy).
In addition, they studied the same dusty plasma with vortex-like or nonthermal distribution for ions [16].
Unfortunately for industry, many customers are looking for chemical-free disinfecting solutions such as UV light, ozone and nonthermal plasma.
This excess (nonthermal) width is also loosely called 'the turbulent width', although its origin may not necessarily be turbulence; small-scale waves, jet-like flows, etc., are also possible.
Clinical data indicated that microwave therapy prior to surgery is associated with a better prognosis.[sup][15],[16] The effect of microwave irradiation might be a combination of thermal effects, arising from the heating rate and nonthermal effects.
The possibility of nonthermal effect of microwaves on the different processes and substances, despite the considerable amount of experimental work, is the subject of lively debate recently [2, 5, 6].
Unlike nonthermal emissions, the brightness temperature of thermal emissions cannot exceed the plasma temperature.
Different extraction processes were examined, such as thermal and nonthermal extraction (hydration and agitation).
One advantage of pulsed electric field treatment, making it distinctive from other physical techniques, is the ability to destroy tissues or tumors in a nonthermal manner [19, 20].
Figure 1(a) shows our nonthermal plasma jet system at atmospheric pressure, consisting mainly of a high-voltage power supply, electrodes, and dielectrics.