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not involving heat

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Whether the nonthermal width is due to Alfven waves was examined by observing coronal loops with different orientations, (31) and it was found that the nonthermal motions are nearly isotropic.
Meanwhile, little was known about the role of nonthermal effect, also known as the “specific microwave effect,” in lung tumors treated by microwave radiation in vivo .
Inactivation of Candida BioFilms by nonthermal plasma and its enhancment for fungistatic effect of antifungal drugs.
Responses of solid tumor cells in DMEM to reactive oxygen species generated by nonthermal plasma and chemically induced ROS systems," Scientific Reports, vol.
Influence of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation at nonthermal intensities on the human body (A review of work by Russian and Ukrainian researchers), No Place To Hide - Newsletter of the Cellular Phone Taskforce Inc.
All new business registrants with CRM/POS/other similar machines/software with built-in printer for their transactions shall use nonthermal paper only, RR 10-2015 read.
Nonthermal biological effects of microwaves: current knowledge, further perspective, and urgent needs.
Nonthermal ultrasound and exercise in skeletal muscle regeneration.
However, the FCC considers only thermal hazards, not nonthermal microwave health hazards.
Efficacy of nonthermal technologies and sanitizer solutions on microbial load reduction and quality retention of strawberries.
Nonthermal AP plasmas perform at temperatures only slightly above room temperature (30-50[degrees]C) while maintaining the benefits and characteristics of high-temperature plasma and its characteristics.
We sought to identify the geologic and ecologic context of the site and hypothesized that the deposit represented a nonthermal tufa associated with the Great Basin pluvial lake system geology and paleoclimate, indicating an alternate ecology to that presently observed.
Featuring contributions from an international group of more than sixty experts in the field, the text is organized in six parts, covering high pressure processing, pulsed electric fields processing, other nonthermal processing techniques, alternative thermal processing, innovations in food refrigeration, and minimal processing.
When the differentiation between tumor and normal tissue has reached an optimum, the photosensitizer is activated by a nonthermal light of the appropriate wavelength, by either a laser or a light-emitting diode, to cause tissue necrosis.