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not displaying territoriality

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Rather, when a castrated fish is put into a tank with an intact, nonterritorial male cichlid, the castrated fish continues to dominate, although less strongly.
Postcolonialism differs from neocolonialism in that it criticizes ongoing nonterritorial imperialistic hegemony and the history of imperialism and colonialism, while at the same time pursuing a political intervention and a new political identity on the basis of social movements.
Isin's account of the polis, despite being based around a nonterritorial reading of the city, places an emphasis on groups coming together and differences being negotiated in the physical proximities of the city, echoing a characteristic concern of urban studies.
Specifically, the observational rationale tells us that Congress ordinarily does not intend to apply the various nonterritorial principles (158) in establishing the reach of its legislation.
Nonterritorial opposition may find shelter in a region that is afforded a measure of self-rule (Kymlicka 2001).
77) Such comments reflect the reality that the nonterritorial dimensions of information in cyberspace pose serious challenges to establishing a state's responsibility for actions on the basis that those actions "originated from," "occurred," or "took place" on its territory.
6) Irrespective of the learner's background in in a majority or minority population, as a migrant or nonmigrant, with and without special needs, as a national, regional or nonterritorial language speaker, the learner is entitled to quality education.
The global insurgent, however, is nonterritorial, striking US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in one coordinated attack and urban mass transportation systems in London or Madrid in another.
Lifetime reproductive success and the opportunity for selection in a nonterritorial damselfly (Odonata: Coenagrionidae).
162) The Supreme Court's jurisprudence surrounding territoriality and the territorial-effects test has wavered between a balancing test similar to that advocated by the Restatement (Third) and more categorical modes of analysis, but the core hesitance to apply American law to noncitizens and nonterritorial conduct has remained.
Mishra was the first high-level official to moot the idea of nonterritorial concessions to Pakistan.
Recently the Vatican announced the offer of a personal prelature, a sort of nonterritorial diocese, to reincorporate the traditionalists.
Increasingly, there are areas in which political problems are nonterritorial or involve stakeholders in very different capacities.
Typically, Mexico is a tough place to implement nonterritorial office solutions because there's sort of a machismo that seems to exist - their workspace is who they are and if they lose it, there's a really negative tone.