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(of goods or funds) not subject to taxation


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The New Conservative Party has proposed raising both the minimum wage and nontaxable minimum income to EUR 500.
While the taxpayer's records were incomplete, the judge concluded that it was not reasonable to simply ignore the nontaxable sales.
I fought hard to ensure that the new passed federal package would maintain and increase funding for schools that educate children who live on nontaxable land like Western New Yorks Native American land.
But for these items to be nontaxable, their quantities or volume must not exceed five pieces for perfumes, 10 pieces for lipstick, 2 kilograms for shampoo, 2 kg for lotion, 2 kg for soaps, 1 kg for assorted cosmetics, 10 pieces for toys, 5 kg for child-care items and 5 kg for household cleaning items.
Specifically, expanded income is AGI plus tax-exempt interest, nontaxable Social Security benefits, the foreign-earned income exclusion, and items of "tax preference" for alternative minimum tax (AMT) purposes less unreimbursed employee business expenses, moving expenses, investment interest expense to the extent it does not exceed investment income, and miscellaneous itemized deductions not subject to the 2-percent-of-AGI floor.
Richard was paid a total of $503,493 including retirement and other deferred compensation, as well as nontaxable benefits.
The Finance Minister said there were anot enough resourcesa available for introducing a minimum nontaxable income.
160 (2003), in which the Tax Court had reserved judgment on whether a qui tam award was a nontaxable share of a recovered reimbursement.
A disposal may, for example, be a nontaxable sale for federal income tax purposes and taxable for state income tax purposes, or taxable for federal income tax purposes but nontaxable for foreign tax purposes.
Nontaxable Social Adjusted Security, pension, or or gross disability benefits income Single $ 5,000 $ 17,500 Married filing 5,000 20,000 jointly with one spouse qualified * Married filing 7,500 25,000 jointly with both spouses qualified * * A qualified individual is one who is either age 65 or older, or under age 65 and retired on permanent and total disability.
Service members will have the option of including their nontaxable combat zone compensation on their 2007 or 2008 federal income tax returns if it will assist them in gaining eligibility for the Stimulus Act rebate.
Large tracts of nontaxable state land buffering Wachusett Reservoir and the jail have been perennial sources of resentment and complaint.
525, Taxable and Nontaxable Income: Miscellaneous Income, states that the taxable amount is further limited to the excess of the state income tax deduction over the state and local general soles tax deduction that could have been claimed.
We find that for both taxable and nontaxable samples, small investors sell before the ex date and buy from the ex date, suggesting that small investors prefer low-priced stocks.
Whether the consulting that goes with the software is taxable or nontaxable depends on the facts and circumstances described below.