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(of goods or funds) not subject to taxation


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I fought hard to ensure that the new passed federal package would maintain and increase funding for schools that educate children who live on nontaxable land like Western New Yorks Native American land.
But for these items to be nontaxable, their quantities or volume must not exceed five pieces for perfumes, 10 pieces for lipstick, 2 kilograms for shampoo, 2 kg for lotion, 2 kg for soaps, 1 kg for assorted cosmetics, 10 pieces for toys, 5 kg for child-care items and 5 kg for household cleaning items.
Richard was paid a total of $503,493 including retirement and other deferred compensation, as well as nontaxable benefits.
The Finance Minister said there were anot enough resourcesa available for introducing a minimum nontaxable income.
A disposal may, for example, be a nontaxable sale for federal income tax purposes and taxable for state income tax purposes, or taxable for federal income tax purposes but nontaxable for foreign tax purposes.
Funny, we thought West Boylstonians viewed affordable housing and nontaxable open spaces as an anathema.
In a year in which no IRA distributions have been rolled over to a plan other than another IRA, the nontaxable portion of current-year traditional IRA distributions (that are not rolled over) is calculated as follows:
In Martiney, "the distributions from an IRA established by means of a tax-free rollover of amounts received in the form of a distribution from New York State or a subdivision or agency thereof, represents a nontaxable return of principal to the extent that the distribution is a return of pension funds rolled over" into the IRA.
The death gratuity paid to a survivor of a member of the Armed Forces has been increased to $12,000 and is all nontaxable.
Under the proposal, the nontaxable limit for gift money will be raised sharply from the current 5.
The taxpayer argued that it was a nontaxable exchange because: 1) company A did not distribute any of the funds to her personally, but to company B instead, and 2) she gave up a portion of her company A annuity solely in exchange for the company B annuity.
Under this principle, if an employee had a choice of the form in which he received his compensation, and that choice included either receiving a taxable form of compensation (such as cash) or a nontaxable form (such as a medical plan), he was taxed as if he took the taxable form, regardless of which form he actually took.
43% of the dividend paid to a shareholder will generally be treated first as a nontaxable return of capital to the extent of the shareholder's tax basis in his or her shares, with any excess amount over the shareholder's tax basis being treated as capital gain.
A 2002 letter ruling suggests that an otherwise nontaxable partnership liquidation may be taxable when the partnership has an outstanding loan from the continuing owner.
The government's final argument was that the deduction was not allowed because the income was nontaxable to the former spouse since it had not come from the pension plan and had not, therefore, been covered by the rules governing such distributions.