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not occurring together

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Recent innovations aside though, the first power-and-free conveyors were introduced more than 40 years ago to provide reliable, nonsynchronous, overhead handling.
Following Forbes and Rigobon (2002), two-day average data are obtained from the average of two consecutive daily series with adjustment for weekends and holidays in an attempt to avoid the problems of nonsynchronous trading between the US and other sample Asian countries.
In his seminal paper, Fisher (1966) points out that nonsynchronous trading can induce positive autocorrelation in individual stock returns.
Provides modular nonsynchronous conveyor systems with dual belts and moving pallets that contain the workpiece from assembly station to assembly station.
This light touch approach in the radial cold-forming of metals, diecast materials (zinc and aluminum), and thermoplastics makes it possible to use simple fixturing and to incorporate modular units into nonsynchronous palletized assembly systems.
To address the problem of nonsynchronous reporting of quotes and trades, we use Lee and Ready's (1991) algorithm and compare trades with quotes that exist five seconds prior to the transaction.
Hence, there is a potential nonsynchronous data problem arising from the time disparity between the gold quotes and the stock price quotes.
Produces heat/ultrasonic, self-tapping and expansion inserts, as well as insert installation equipment Automation product line includes vibratory parts-feeding equipment, pin installation equipment, and nonsynchronous conveyor components and systems.
Programmable CNC riveting cells are suitable for use with a rotary-index tables or as part of nonsynchronous palletized systems.
Serial Correlation and Nonsynchronous Trading: There is statistically significant autocorrelation in the residuals from SIMM regressions using daily data.
Williams 1977, "Estimating Betas from Nonsynchronous Data," Journal of Financial Economics 5, 309-327.
While their study produced mixed results concerning the Levhari and Levy hypothesis, it clearly showed that nonsynchronous trading affects the results of the tests.
Product line includes tabletop conveyors, steel and nonmetallic belt conveyors, indexing and fixturized conveyors, pallet and puck systems, mass-storage and in-line accumulators, power and free systems, part elevators and lowerators (side-grip, blade, bucket), gravity fittings, gravity storage helicals, chain-driven live-roller conveyors (CDLR), parts storage and retrieval systems, robotic and other automated handling devices, and both synchronous and nonsynchronous concepts.
CNC, standard synchronous or nonsynchronous transfers, and rotary dial machines are easily accommodated.
5) Therefore, in Models 4, 5, and 6 in Table V, I introduce a pre-reform insider participation dummy and its interaction with performance and time period variables so that I can capture such a nonsynchronous relationship.