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not occurring together

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Recently, we proposed a quantitative haplotyping of PCR products based on a nonsynchronous pyrosequencing strategy [9].
First, using daily data to estimate factor loadings leads to a downward bias in the magnitude of the estimates due to nonsynchronous trading (Dimson, 1979).
Modernism must thus be seen as uniquely corresponding to an uneven moment of social development, or to what Ernst Bloch called the "simultaneity of the nonsimultaneous," the "synchronicity of the nonsynchronous" (Gleichzeitigkeit des Ungleichzeitigen): the coexistence of realities from radically different moments of history--handicrafts alongside the great cartels, peasant fields with the Krupp factories or the Ford plant in the distance (307).
As operations become more complex at the granular, local level within a theater of operations, and especially in light of the tight control of rules of engagement inherent in our post-World War II wars of limited aim, how much freedom can a commander be allowed to make these nonsynchronous decisions?
At the same time, the audience experiences polychrony, Cervantes's marshalling of nonsynchronous temporalities as a creative strategy, deploying multiple temporalities over a wide, varied field of human experiences fictionalized in his novel.
The increase in weed density was mainly due to nonsynchronous behaviour of weed seed germination and their wide periodicity under field conditions.
Lo and MacKinlay [4] attribute the positive autocorrelation in daily stock returns to nonsynchronous trading.
Not only did hermaphroditic individuals have nonsynchronous male and female gametogenesis, but there also appeared to be differential resorption of male and female gametic products.
Intrinsically, some pathological characteristics in ALS such as changes in distal axon caliber, [sup][24] proximal axonal swellings [sup][29] and ongoing Wallerian degeneration along axons [sup][30] may cause dispersion of the efferent volley, resulting in a nonsynchronous muscle response, and this potential functional abnormality would make detection of changes of F waves difficult.
Theoretical work has advanced to include flexibility of the pad and pivot, pad deformation, nonsynchronous behavior, and thermal effects of the fluid.
The chlorophyll a/b ratio declined with the advancement of senescence [25, 26], probably due to nonsynchronous dismantling of lamellae and grana thylakoids and the asymmetrical distribution of photosystems between them.
With EM, we found multistage nonsynchronous apoptosis of retinal neurons along with time.
(iii) The idea that, by increasing the time-delay or the difference between the gap junction strengths for two neurons, the synchronization error can increase, which, further, can lead to nonsynchronous neuronal behavior, is explored.