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not parasitic on another organism

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In the squid-vibrio system, the transcription of genes encoding these proteins is upregulated with symbiosis onset (Chun et ai, 2008), and an MMP is differentially regulated in the hemocytes of symbiotic and nonsymbiotic adult squid (Collins et al, 2012).
In: Nonsymbiotic nitrogen fixation and organic matter in the tropics.
Nonsymbiotic nitrogen fixation in oak-hickory forest following long-term prescribed burning.
Nutrients enter a pasture as imported inorganic and organic fertilizers, stored manure, supplemental feed, symbiotic and nonsymbiotic [N.
These nonsymbiotic bacteria do not live on plant roots.
Symbiotic Rhizobia (legume bacteria), nonsymbiotic free-living bacteria such as Azotobacter and Clostridium, and blue-green algae can fix and utilize atmospheric [N.
Nonsymbiotic Nitrogen Fixation--Fixation of nitrogen in soils by free-living microorganisms in contrast to that fixed through the agency of symbiotic organisms.
Nonsymbiotic nitrogen fixation in the topsoil of some forest stands in central Sweden.
While in nonsymbiotic species of Anabaena the heterocysts never make up more than 3-5% of the cells, they compose up to 40% of the cells of the symbiont in mature Azolla leaves.
The results discussed so far indicate the absence or only minor role of an anaerobic metabolism in Lucinoma aequizonata typical for nonsymbiotic bivalves (de Zwaan 1991).
Gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence in symbiotic and nonsymbiotic ryegrass under water stress.
Symbiotic (figure 12-1) or nonsymbiotic bacteria use that nitrogen to form protein for their own bodies or supply it to host plants.
Sullivan JT, Eardly BD, van Berkum P, Ronson CW (1996) Four unnamed species of nonsymbiotic rhizobia isolated from the rhizosphere of Lotus corniculatus.
Azotobacter--A genus of free-living nonsymbiotic, aerobic, motile, and oval bacteria occurring in soils.