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Synonyms for nonsyllabic

not forming a syllable or the nucleus of a syllable



(of speech sounds) not forming or capable of forming the nucleus of a syllable


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284 A Harrapan seal with a unicorn and nonsyllabic writing from the excavations at Mohenjo-Daro.
Notice that the term "consonant-ending" here refers to stems that end with a nonsyllabic element on the surface, including glides, which are actually underlying vowels in Bunun.
Our study is confounded by the fact that in many assibilating languages there is a strict phonotactic restriction prohibiting /Cj/ sequences (or more generally, any sequence of nonsyllabic segments).
In stressed position or in a one-syllable word, a vowel plus the letter r is combined with the nonsyllabic version of the near-open central vowel [[?
cant' a"), versus the brief, consonantal nonsyllabic realization in English (in e.
for unstressed <-er>, and one nonsyllabic ([[?
The categories outlined at the outset employ the term semivowel as the nonsyllabic post-nuclear vowel of a diphthong, and semiconsonant as a sound that behaves phonetically like a vowel, but phonologically like a consonant.
These were not included in Tables 3 or 4 of Part I because they were already quite lengthy, and because /j/ at least is often considered to be the nonsyllabic on-glide of a rising diphthong.