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Once again, Manitoba narratives and local products are celebrated in the upsurge of craft breweries with beguiling names such as Peg Beer, Barn Hammer Brewing, Little Brown Jug, Torque, Farmery beer based in Neepawa and The Forks Market Craft Brewery, with Brazen Hall, Nonsuch and One Great City breweries scheduled to open soon in various parts of Winnipeg.
That one case involved 10-year-old cerebral palsy sufferer Mason Dunbar, kicked out of Nonsuch for defi-ance.
If you're after a gorgeous place to grab a swim in the sea, Half Moon Bay is a quick car ride up the road from Nonsuch.
Nonsuch was Henry Fitzalan's reward for supporting Mary Tudor's claim to the English throne in 1553.
Book a Nonsuch Bay snorkelling tour, and you could be swimming through the colourful reefs with green turtles.
Some chose to return to their hotels, others to take in the Planetarium show, and others to visit the ship called The Nonsuch and the HBC Collection.
ANTIGUA: Original Travel (020 7978 7333) offers seven nights' room-only from pounds 1,300 at Nonsuch Bay luxury resort with specialist sailing facilities, with self-catering option if required.
It is recognised as a Nonsuch Chest dating from the 16th Century.
If you don't know your Nobby Russett from your Red Peasgood Nonsuch, now is the time to find out.
Antigua (2007; 20 of 48 sites = 42%): Airport (parking lot), All Saints (church lawn), Carlisle (scrub), Darkwood Beach (waterfront), Deep Bay (hotel grounds), Five Islands (mango in pasture), Follys (forest), Horford Hill (kiosks/scrub), Jabberwock Beach (sea grape), Landing Bay (waterfront), Long Bay (waterfront), Nonsuch Bay (parking lot), Crabbs Peninsula (waterfront), Old Road (mango/bananas), Seatons (by dump), Seatons (Sting Ray City), St.
Peanut Brittle and Sesame Crunch enhance Walkers Nonsuch range
Popular exhibits include a full-size replica of the 17th century ship Nonsuch and the Urban Gallery, which recreates a 1920s Winnipeg street scene.
Last, but by no means least, NONSUCH has brought out a new edition of Jerome K.
This is not to say that there are not some intriguing elements here, including a discussion of the performance of Jane Lumley's Iphigenia at Aulis (1557) at Nonsuch in 1559 for Elizabeth I that examines its use of Diana's grove near Nonsuch's banqueting house to suggest the performance's possible role in fashioning "the cult of Diana so central to Elizabeth's iconography" (77).