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a horse that fails to run in a race for which it has been entered

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Women's players were classified as starters (n = 2134) or nonstarters (n = 1643) as they were selected or not for the starting five of the team.
In order to compare the game-related statistics collected between starters and nonstarters, each player's results were divided by that player's time on court, resulting in derived rate variables.
For the first sample, nonstarters perceived less satisfaction with team social contribution, which refers to how other group members relate to the athlete on a personal level (Riemer & Chelladurai, 1998).
07, indicated significant differences in perceptions of cohesion between starters and nonstarters.
If federal legislation and improved lawyer-ethics standards are nonstarters, perhaps good old shame is our best bet for reforming the system of trial by jury.
Make a strong effort to talk baseball to your nonstarters during the game.
As explained below, these players formed 2 groups, 11 starters and 7 nonstarters.
As starters and non-starters were the same individuals across the three games, players formed 2 groups, comprising 11 starters and 7 nonstarters.