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Antonyms for nonstandard

not conforming to the language usage of a prestige group within a community

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varying from or not adhering to a standard


not standard


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They also reported lower levels of delinquent behavior and there was no advantage when the father worked a nonstandard schedule and the mother worked 9 to 5, Hendrix added.
While selecting the relatively "vernacular" correspondence for analysis, heed has been paid to the following: a given soldier's/person's biographical data, unorthodox spellings, nonstandard grammatical features as well as relatively frequent apologetic remarks concerning the "bad righting" which indicate that the letters "might have been produced by less literate writers who did not have recourse to the help of amanuenses (.
In addition to the effect of predictive modeling use in both standard and nonstandard markets, our analysis indicates increased competitive pressures in nonstandard auto and likely significant near-term consolidation," said Stephan Christiansen, director of research at Conning.
As companies dropped out of the nonstandard market, the remaining carriers raised rates and tightened underwriting standards, and nonstandard auto rebounded over the past few years.
Nonstandard kanji characters are often found in names of people and places as well as literary works.
Traders may desire to use nonstandard settlement for a variety of reasons.
Large numbers of Americans work nonstandard schedules.
This informative collection of studies uses an interdisciplinary and comparative approach to explore why nonstandard work arrangements have grown in many developed countries and the implications of these arrangements for workers.
The chlorine monoxide results are "a good indication that nonstandard chemistry is very active in Antarctica,' says Ka-Kit Tung, from Clarkson University in Potsdam, N.
The rating upgrade also considers the group's profitable operating results emanating from its ongoing book of nonstandard personal auto business, reflecting management's underwriting initiatives and firm market conditions over the past few years.
Nasdaq: GNCNF) (Toronto: GNC), a leading specialty insurer of nonstandard auto and crop insurance will continue to trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange and move to the OTC Bulletin Board in the United States effective July 10, 2000.
Alfa Corporation acquired Vision Insurance Group, LLC ("Vision"), a full-service managing general agency that currently writes nonstandard automobile insurance policies in nine states, in January of 2005.
Nasdaq: SIGC), a leading specialty insurer of nonstandard automobile insurance and crop insurance is to begin trading on the OTC Bulletin Board, effective July 10, 2000.
Russell, President, as a full-service managing general agency that currently writes nonstandard automobile insurance policies in nine states.