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44) Simplifying this system into spherical (Stulberg I and II) or nonspherical (Stulberg IV and V) heads increases reliability and defines good and poor outcomes, respectively.
Both of these methods can also be extended to evaluate minimum dimensions for nonspherical materials of consistent geometry (Baronas et al.
Then, NF-FF transformations with spherical spiral scanning tailored for electrically long or quasi-planar antennas have been proposed in [26-28] by properly applying the unified theory of spiral scans for nonspherical antennas [29].
Forest biomass produced with a hog or grinder tends to have a wide size distribution and particles with very nonspherical or elongated shapes.
As the spherical contact profile measures the radius of the inscribed ball of a strut, the volume of struts with nonspherical cross-sectional shape will be underestimated.
To overcome this drawback, two effective NF-FF transformations with spherical spiral scanning tailored to these kinds of antennas have been developed in [7] by properly applying the unified theory of spiral scannings for nonspherical antennas [10].
6) Most often these polygonal lesions are also nonspherical on 3-dimensional analysis, another indication of their benign nature.
Current and future research is exploring whether more precise analysis of the features of such aneurysms--including their undulation and elliptical indices and nonspherical shape--may be more predictive of rupture risk.
Small and typically nonspherical, they have large surface-to-volume ratios, which has left their interior cool below the temperature of lava.
Pennypacker, "Scattering and absorption of light by nonspherical dielectric grains," Astrophysical Journal, Vol.
Some of the specific topics addressed include: an overview of polymer latex technology, advanced polymer nanoparticles with nonspherical morphologies, pH-responsive polymer nanoparticles, surface tailoring with living polymerization methods, functional polymer particles by emulsifier-free polymerization, and polymer nanoparticles with surface active initiators and polymer initiators.
Dreher, WR, Jarrett, WL, Urban, MW, "Stable nonspherical Fluorine-Containing Colloids Dispersions: Synthesis and Film Formation.
It is an oblique aberration that is caused by nonspherical (in perpendicular meridians) radii of curvature of the eye's refracting surfaces (mostly the cornea but also the lens).
According to the data in [6, 7], cumulative stream lines arise when a bubble collapses as a result of nonspherical compression, and energy is released in the vicinity of the site where the bubble disappears.