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not caused by a specific agent

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The acute exudative inflammatory phase of a nonspecific inflammation is marked by swelling and the presence of fetid debris.
This eliminates the cellular debris that causes nonspecific reactions, so that a positive reading will reflect true HIV antibodies.
The early symptoms of aortobronchial fistula are nonspecific, which contributes to the difficulty in diagnosing it and which can lead to a delay in treatment.
The patient-therapist relationship, treatment length and other nonspecific variables could be held largely constant across therapies.
This case provides substantial support for the concept that central tinnitus might indeed represent a pathologic activation of neural networks of nonspecific auditory perception.
The MTC drug delivery technology is designed to efficiently deliver increased concentration of drug to the desired site in the body while reducing the total amount of drug administered and limiting side effects created from nonspecific systemic exposure.
Three patients said that they had experienced a transient ([less than]3 mo), nonspecific speech and voice disturbance along with sensory symptoms and mechanical changes.
The MTC technology is designed to meet two important goals for targeted drug delivery -- reducing toxicity created by nonspecific systemic exposure, while still achieving an efficacious concentration of the therapeutic agent at the desired site of action.
avium on 59 cattle showed that the sensitins were highly effective in differentiating nonspecific reactions and demonstrated the expedience of their application.
4%) patients presented with predominantly nonspecific upper gastrointestinal tract (GIT ) symptoms like nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and epigastric discomfort, 29 (82.
This study was designed to compare the effectiveness of specific stabilization exercises with routine physical therapy exercise provided in patients with nonspecific chronic mechanical low back pain.
Material and Methods: Patients aged 12 years or more presenting to Medical OPD with persistent nonspecific musculoskeletal pains for more than 3 months were selected as cases, while healthy individuals served as controls.
Cutaneous manifestations of LE were charted out as LE specific and LE nonspecific according to Gilliam's classification.
4) In a recent study, Mukhopadhyay and Katzenstein (2) noted that polyclonal Napsin A (p-Napsin A) antibody has a significantly higher nonspecific reactivity in several nonpulmonary/nonrenal carcinomas compared with monoclonal Napsin A (m-Napsin A) antibody.
This is called their nonspecific effect, and these actions can be strongly beneficial or equally detrimental.