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not caused by a specific agent

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Patients with chronic pleuritis with findings of fibrosis, pleural thickening and benign reactive changes in the absence of malignant infiltration on the histopathological examination were described as nonspecific pleuritis.
Clinically, it may decrease pain and increase lumbar spine mobility and seems to be an efficient treatment for the improvements of LBP disability and HRQOL on middle-aged university employees with nonspecific LBP.
Overprescription was most common when antidepressants were prescribed for nonspecific psychiatric symptoms (18%), compared with specific psychiatric indications (3.5%) and general medical diagnoses (2.5%).
(1) This study followed 103 patients diagnosed with "nonspecific (reactive) hepatitis" on biopsy regardless of the indication for the biopsy.
AA was present in 54 patients, perforated appendicitis (PA) in 16, nonspecific abdominal pain in 34, and other abdominal pains (mesenteric lymphadenitis-MLA (2), acute gastroenteritis-AGE (3), Familial Mediterranean Fever-FMF (1), ovarian cyst (1), and urinary tract infection-UTI (1)) in 8.
Recent years witnessed an increase in cases when it was impossible to confirm the tuberculosis (TB) diagnosis by anatomopathological and bacteriological methods, hence these reactions were considered nonspecific. Numerous studies show that the main reason for nonspecific reactions to tuberculin in cattle at satisfactory farmsteads are a typical mycobacteria (Shtuikis and Kublitskas, 1968; Katale et al., 2013; Biet and Boschiroli, 2014).
Keywords: Age groups, Chronic nonspecific musculoskeletal pains, Hypovitaminosis D, Pakistan.
LE specific lesions were seen in 38 patients (95%) and LE nonspecific lesions in 16 patients.
In majority of these patients, cause of discharge was nonspecific.
In our series, 4 patients had classical imaging appearance of nonspecific interstitial pneumonia/Chemotherapy induced toxicity with patchy areas of extensive GGH, consolidations and septal thickening with tractional bronchiectasis with zonal apico-basal predominance (Figure 8).
A 75-year-old male farmer presented for an abdominal CT scan because of a nonspecific, longstanding abdominal discomfort, fatigue and appetite loss.
This is called their nonspecific effect, and these actions can be strongly beneficial or equally detrimental.
The different morphological rugae patterns appreciated were circular, straight, wavy, curve, unification, and nonspecific. Data was analyzed using SPSS system.
Granulomatous prostatitis is an unusual, non-specific inflammatory process of the prostate gland, characterized by the presence of granuloma as the main histological feature.[sup.1] It is subclassified as: infectious granuloma, nonspecific granulomatous prostatitis, post-biopsy granuloma, and systemic granulomatous prostatitis.