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not capable of or especially not involving speech or spoken lines



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Colby Itkowitz, This Nonspeaking Teenager Wrote an Incredibly Profound Letter Explaining Autism, Wash.
Subsequent sections focus on research design methods issues like behavioral heterogeneity, randomized controlled trials, and small sample size, and measuring outcomes, including the assessment of auditory discrimination abilities in nonspeaking individuals, measuring communication and language skills, social validity measurement, and cultural, ethnic, and linguistic differences.
One extra, Rhod Maclennan, from Morpeth, who landed a part as a nonspeaking villager, grew such a magnificent beard that he earned extra work at Christmas playing Santa Claus at Stockton's Castlegate Shopping Centre.
Krissy Scott, in a nonspeaking role, brings out the drawings and hangs them on an easel.
London of the early twentieth century) is morally acceptable, or that nonspeaking animals in Narnia--those Aslan does not touch with his nose (24)--do not deserve kindness as well.
Often in mainstream hearing productions, the roles for Deaf actors are limited to mostly nonspeaking roles, or to characters with less than full mental capacity, Seago says.
206) If anything, the (1995) Congress believed that the mens rea of a nonspeaking actor would be combined with the mens rea of the speaker, because it passed a special rule preventing such aggregation only in a specific circumstance: when the statement qualifies as "forward-looking," and thus is subject to special protections.
Fifty nonspeaking roles of 'Women from History' will be up for grabs at a briefing session on the morning of the event.
Sigourney 15 Weaver's film debut was a nonspeaking role in which Woody Allen film?
10) Speculating from this poem in "The Long Life of Metaphor," George Steiner muses, "The Jew in the Shoah speaks to and against the nonspeaking, the unspeaking, of God.
Actors of color occupy minor, mostly nonspeaking roles.
Approximately five to six nonspeaking additional participants also regularly attended the sessions.
Like Christi Ehlers, she ended her movie career as a nonspeaking extra.
Sigourney Weaver's film debut was a nonspeaking role in which Woody Allen film?