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not spatial

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Keeping in mind that frequencies exist both in a space-time domain as well as in a nonspatial, nontemporal frequency domain, it is useful to visualize the path of a sine wave in space and time.
Spatial and nonspatial peripheral auditory processing in congenitally blind people, Neuroreport.
Likewise, an ABI analyst must accept a nonspatial or georeferenced data source because it may act as a tip for other sources.
Nonspatial information such as census data can be linked with spatial data and produce more useful value-added data.
Differential impairment of spatial and nonspatial cognition in a mouse model of brain aging.
procedure required a place discrimination, it could also be argued that the different outcomes obtained across RAP studies might be due to pharmacological differences associated with learning spatial (touch-screen RAP) versus nonspatial tasks (response sequence RAP).
Ferrer-Castan D, Vetaas OR (2005) Pteridophyte richness climate and topography in the Iberian Peninsula: comparing spatial and nonspatial models of richness patterns.
The nonspatial 1/2 MMDM based model estimated leopard cat densities varying from 18.
In Paradiso, St Benedict's description of the Empyrean as a state of blessedness rather than a physical space subject to the changes of the natural year, also bears some resemblance to Eliot's midwinter spring, which can be taken to represent the nonspatial and non-temporal condition of spiritual fulfilment--"very close to the final state of Christian beatitude", Perkins argues (1969: 257).
Her novels map the coordinates and nonspatial pathways that link together acts, moments, places, and persons considered as strategic sites.
Graphing is a form of representation in which people can use spatial information to make inferences about nonspatial relationships and concepts (Gattis & Holyoak, 1996).
No hierarchy can be defined to nonspatial feature types.
We compared model performance of the 3 spatial models against a nonspatial model, which comprised only demographic and clinical factors.
The community, defined in both spatial and nonspatial terms, suggests a close-knit collectivity that shares a common culture and history.