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It challenges us to think beyond geographically tethered information to nonspatial information and from singular, granular data to large scale, millennia-old nontangible systems like religion, finance, and diplomacy as means for power projection.
The selected nonspatial logistic regression model with the presence of bovine TB as the dependent variable showed a McFadden pseudo-[R.sup.2] value = 0.656 (Table 2).
SGLMM had the smallest DIC, followed by Sparse SGLMM, indicating that the spatially adjusted models fit the data better than the nonspatial model (NSGLM), consistent with the presence of spatial correlation (Table 2).
In general, during MWM cued learning latency, periods are known to depend on factors that include nonspatial learning ability, visual acuity, and motor or sensorimotor function.
Kesner, "Dissociations of the medial and lateral perforant path projections into dorsal DG, CA3, and CA1 for spatial and nonspatial (visual object) information processing," Behavioral Neuroscience, vol.
Since the significance of each variable estimation coefficient in the nonspatial model is not the same as in the spatial econometric model, the coefficient in Table 5 cannot be compared with the Table 4.
This supports Bohm's conjecture that a quantum potential wave is generated by the spin turbulence and quantum foam occurring as boundary conditions of these quantum black holes which separate spacetime from nonspatial, nontemporal dimensions of the implicate order.
Cognitive functions and aging in the dog: acquisition of nonspatial visual tasks.
To control for preexisting individual differences in anatomical (nonspatial) knowledge of the area under study, a 10-item multiple choice questionnaire was filled out digitally by all participants.
The types of nodes are divided into facilities and spaces and connected to attribute information, which is nonspatial data, according to each type.
To examine the performance of the proposed scheduling system, we designed a virtual experiment: lay out the real-world blocks into the work plate one by one until all blocks are processed, while the nonspatial resources are adequate.
Nonspatial methods such as histogram analysis can quantify tumor heterogeneity by analyzing a statistical metric such as the frequency distributions, variance, and percentile values [168-170].
The phase of low frequency theta oscillations (4-8 Hz) has been often associated with a clock that drives the pyramidal cells and has a crucial role in processing of both spatial and nonspatial information in the hippocampus [2-4] or induces possible long-term potentiation effects [5, 6].