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(of peoples and political bodies) controlled by outside forces

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Approved nonsovereign loans, equity investments, and guarantees have totaled $985.
The ADB has both sovereign and nonsovereign operations.
Beyond multilateralism among states, Haass believes there is a vital, positive international role for nonsovereign international entities such as multinational corporations, charities such as the Gates Foundation, and nongovernmental organizations such as Doctors Without Borders (255).
12) The Court explained that in order for state action immunity to apply, the anticompetitive conduct of nonsovereign actors must "result from procedures that suffice to make it the state's own.
Rather than thinking of the "freedom from' constraint that makes subjects of democracy value sovereignty and autonomy, and rather than spending much time defining the sovereign-who-is-never-a-sovereign (Agamben 1998; Mbembe, 2003), this project looks to nonsovereign relationality as the foundational quality of being in common, seeing, for example, individuality as a genre carved from within dynamics of relation rather than a state prior to it or distinct from it.
For a critique of the current approach to standing in intrabranch disputes that nevertheless approve of standing in some settings, see Mead, supra note 43, at 1258-78 (calling for standing when the plaintiff agency pursues a nonsovereign interest).
Property purchases by nonsovereign wealth funds fell to US$3.
100) In many ways the dichotomy between sovereign and nonsovereign territories persists, and significant access to the international system therefore has depended on the acceptance of the de jure parent states.
Cambodia: Cumulative Nonsovereign Financing by Product
In my view, however, the most significant problem brought to light by this incident is that China asserts the right to ban any ship from entering large areas of nonsovereign waters in the near seas for long periods of time if the Chinese plan to undertake naval exercises there.
On adoption of the euro, all the existing public debt of those adopters became nonsovereign, too, because the currencies originally used to value it no longer were real--they no longer were money.
The transfer and convertibility (T&C) assessment has been revised downward to aACAyA+' from aACAy-' to align with the regional view on the likelihood of the Gulf Cooperation Council sovereigns restricting nonsovereign access to foreign exchange.
The "othered" are thereby relegated to objects of observation, reduced to a sub-human status and associated with non-activeness, non-autonomy and nonsovereign selves.
argues that the aesthetic techniques of this return can enable "a range of nonsovereign and more or less egalitarian forms of (partial, limited, negotiable) authority in representation.
Thus, the Court gave nonsovereign parties unprecedented access to represent their private interests against the sovereign interests of the party-states.