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A 3 (experimental condition: explicit rejection group, ambiguous rejection group, control group) x 3 (type of words: social rejection words, nonsocial negative words, neutral words) mixed design was used.
When undisturbed, pigs only slightly preferred the social over the nonsocial pens, and the pen across from the other pig was clearly used more than the pen with the mirror," Marchant-Forde says.
Subscale scores were derived by summing items belonging to each of the five factors: Attention, Escape, Nonsocial reinforcement, Physical Discomfort, and Tangible reinforcement.
Kim found that this nonsocial behaviour is also driven by safety concerns, especially for coach travel which is perceived to be dangerous with ill lit bus stations.
A greater understanding of social shopping and how the social dimension of shopping influences consumers' perceptions of shopping as a leisure experience not only enriches our knowledge of social and nonsocial shoppers as well as recreational shopping, but also may help retailers develop more effective merchandising, store layout and design, and promotion strategies to target social and nonsocial shoppers as well as recreational and nonrecreational shoppers.
To preserve the fiscal objectives for 2011, the authorities introduced corrective measures, including sizeable cuts in nonsocial primary spending, further increases in electricity tariffs, and a tax package.
Likewise, exploration from a distance (a behaviour which anticipates social contact) and nonsocial exploration behaviours were increased after AMN082 administration (4 mg/kg).
The potential functions of internal/ nonsocial behaviors are harder to assess, Dr.
There are several specific self-regulation strategies that are related to students' academic performance: setting goals and planning (Locke & Latham, 2002), using appropriate strategies such as reviewing notes and elaboration (Kobayashi, 2006), directing one's study efforts through managing resources such as time and study environment (DeGroot, 2002), seeking help from social and nonsocial sources (Newman, 2000), and self-monitoring and self-evaluating progress (Cleary & Zimmerman, 2004).
The Machiavellian intelligence (Byrne & Whiten, 1988; Whiten, 1999b; Whiten & Byrne, 1997) or social brain (Dunbar, 1998, 2003) hypothesis asserts that primate intelligence evolved primarily to deal with complex social problems, rather than nonsocial ecological or technological problems such as locating food, extractive foraging or using tools.
400) </pre> <p>It is possible that selecting to publish in nonsocial work journals may not only reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the profession, but may also indicate a lack of satisfaction with professional social work journals.
Functional analysis methods have been used to identify both social and nonsocial maintaining variables for various behavior disorders.
It now looks like any Social Security reform bill emerging from Congress this session will have a substantially bushy tail consisting of all sorts of nonsocial security proposals, and the tail may well end up wagging the dog.
31) Maria Legerstee, Carl Corter, and Kim Kienapple, "Hand, Arm and Facial Actions of Young Infants to a Social and Nonsocial Stimulus," Child Development 61:3 (June 1990):782-83; Philip Langsdorf, Carroll E.
A specialist in ant farming, Ulrich Mueller of the University of Texas at Austin says, "What I find most remarkable is that [the snail] is a nonsocial species.