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Reacting to nonsocial stimuli, however, normal and knockout mice were comparable.
A 3 (experimental condition: explicit rejection group, ambiguous rejection group, control group) x 3 (type of words: social rejection words, nonsocial negative words, neutral words) mixed design was used.
"When undisturbed, pigs only slightly preferred the social over the nonsocial pens, and the pen across from the other pig was clearly used more than the pen with the mirror," Marchant-Forde says.
[8]: a variant of the SIRI model in which the individuals who recover temporarily may get recurrence to infectious state and is formulated on the premise that obesity is caused by both social and nonsocial contagion routes [16].
For each story, a maximum of three questions were asked, evaluating either second-order mentalizing (26 questions), first-order mentalizing (3 questions), nonsocial reasoning (i.e., inference of facts or events that implicate no human beings; 6 questions), or attention/memory (30 questions, one for each scenario).
Subscale scores were derived by summing items belonging to each of the five factors: Attention, Escape, Nonsocial reinforcement, Physical Discomfort, and Tangible reinforcement.
I publish in a variety of different disciplinary journals, and I often coauthor projects with nonsocial work academics and practitioners.
In this textbook designed to introduce research to lower division criminal justice and criminology students, editor D'Argenio (criminal justice, Mohawk Valley Community College) presents many cases on topics of interest to students, such as sexting, risky sexual behavior, and nonsocial reinforcement on Facebook.
Research reveals the tactics commuters use to avoid each other, a practice described as "nonsocial transient behavior" by Esther Kim, a researcher in the Department of Sociology at Yale University, New Haven, Conn., Who chalked up thousands of miles of bus travel to examine the unspoken rules and behaviors of commuters.
Washington, August 2 ( ANI ): A new study has revealed the tactics commuters in buses use to avoid each other, a practice which has been described as 'nonsocial transient behaviour'.
Continuing this line of reasoning, since shopping can have hedonic qualities and is a form of recreation or leisure for some consumers (Guiry, Magi, & Lutz, 2006; Lehtonen & Maenpaa, 1997; Prus & Dawson, 1991), the present study will examine how the leisure and social dimensions of shopping influence consumers' perception of shopping as a leisure experience, and compare the leisure perceptions of four types of shoppers: 1) social recreational shoppers, 2) nonsocial recreational shoppers, 3) social nonrecreational shoppers, and 4) nonsocial nonrecreational shoppers.
They reminded the IRS that such organizations must lose their tax exemptions if they engage in "more than an insubstantial amount of any nonsocial welfare activity." Their request then proceeded to document the many ways each of these two entities is deeply involved with political operatives, political campaigns and with its own companion "527 Super PAC." Specifically, they noted that Crossroads GPS was founded with the aid of Republican strategists Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie who, in turn, helped form a 527 entity called American Crossroads.
To preserve the fiscal objectives for 2011, the authorities introduced corrective measures, including sizeable cuts in nonsocial primary spending, further increases in electricity tariffs, and a tax package.
In the Experiment 1, Kruskall-Wallis analysis showed that there was significant variance in the categories of body care (p<0.06), digging (p<0.01), nonsocial exploration (p<0.0001), exploration from a distance (p<0.03), threat (p<0.0001) and attack (p<0.0001).