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Synonyms for nonsmoker

a person who does not smoke tobacco

a passenger car for passengers who want to avoid tobacco smoke

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In three cohorts the researchers classified 9476 participants as smokers or nonsmokers, and in five cohorts they classified 8519 participants as current smokers, former smokers, or never smokers.
In New York state, a state that takes a more active approach to health insurance rate regulation, premiums for the young male nonsmoker could range from $1,986 to $24,324.
Older children whose parents smoke get bronchitis and pneumonia more often than the children of nonsmokers.
Similarly, the residual stigma associated with being a former smoker was measured by subtracting the summary score for the former smoker from the nonsmoker score (a constant of 10 was added to these scores as well).
Improving your lifestyle as you stop smoking can help you prevent a large weight gain and become a healthy nonsmoker.
Reports on the dangers of secondary smoke and increased legal support for a smoke-free environment have helped create a fourth area of concern for the employer-conflict between the smokers and the nonsmokers.
National surveys show that most nonsmokers - and even the majority of smokers themselves - believe that people should not smoke when they are around nonsmokers.
Here's an update on three airlines, two car rental firms, some trains, and a dozen hotel and motel chains we know of that make special allowances for nonsmokers.
She also notes that some studies failed to compare women and men headto-head and instead examined differences in lung cancer rotes between smokers and nonsmokers within each gender.
What is there about smoking that poses such dangers for the tobacco user and the nonsmoker exposed to sidestream smoke?