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not slippery

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Good features Low level floors 66 (100.00) inside the home Nonslippery floors 62 (93.94) Adequate lighting 60 (90.91) No obstacles in the 49 (74.24) walkway Grab bars in the bathroom 35 (53.03) TABLE 5: AT in houses of the home-bound elderly.
Materials like sand, litter, or grit that is used to provide a nonslippery surface, as long as it is not chemically active, should provide a measure of control from slipping.
To make it nonslippery, grit is added to it, Jones and Barnett said.
The discussion extends the scope of the incrementalism problem to minimum-age legislation and to the larger topic of slippery (and nonslippery) slopes.
Future research should therefore focus on evaluating the effect of slip-resistant shoe soles on older people's stability and risk of slipping while performing challenging motor tasks on various (slippery and nonslippery) household and outdoor surfaces.
Both Dri-Block items boast a powder-dry feel that is nonslippery and prevents sand from sticking.
The newly installed, nonslippery ceramic-tile flooring and ample room dimensions will provide maneuverability.
The objectives of the current study are to test the following hypotheses with regard to isometric pulling tasks on nonslippery and slippery flooring conditions: