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designed to reduce or prevent slipping

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The nonslip feature is a must for a working woman like Lim who's always on the go, and has a toddler to boot.
Among the safety tips given are: testing homes built before 1978 for lead paint; using safety gates to keep young children from falling down stairs; making sure that furnaces, fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, space heaters and gas appliances are vented properly to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning; and placing nonslip backing on area rugs to prevent falls.
Meanwhile, an entire range of Circulon 2 saucepans, skillets, and stockpots, made of hard-anodized aluminum, use the same nonstick technology, have arched nonslip handles that stay cool during cooking, and are oven-safe up to 350[degrees]F A two-quart covered saucepan, for example, runs about $39.99.
The underside features a raised dimple at the end of the handle to provide nonslip gripping.
The ice buckets have a half-gallon capacity, double thermal walls and nonslip rubber grips.
Providing aids to balance and nonslip floor finishes also cuts down on slips and falls generally.
Made up of three layers, the gloves' scale-like outer surface creates a nonslip material that helps arthritis sufferers grip items.
Concrete is the most suitable floor material and can be covered by one of the synthetic resinous materials offering a smooth, yet nonslip, surface.
It comes in a zippered nylon case designed with foam cutouts to hold the tool securely in place, has rubber molded nonslip grips, and is lightweight to avoid fatigue when utilizing it.
Just as noteworthy, the type of pad is being upgraded from the minimal product that offers nonslip properties to better goods with cushioning properties as well as nonslip features.
Easily-mopped, nonslip tile covers the floor of an entrance corridor better than carpeting, which stains easily and soaks up water.
Both have 3-1 gear ratio rewinds for rapid retraction, ergonomically designed shapes to fit comfortably into the hand, and rubberized nonslip grips.
For an elderly population, this means slightly abrasive surfaces or nonslip tiles.
Users simply press the soft, nonslip knob to start the basket spinning.