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designed to reduce or prevent skidding

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Look for a step or ramp that is easy for you to position, wide enough to be stable, sturdy enough to support your dog, and which has a durable nonskid surface.
CHIPS: The characteristics of siloxane nonskid coating make it much more cost efficient than traditional surfaces for use on Navy ship decks.
Q | How do I remove wet leaf stains (brown stains--tannic acid?) from my fiberglass hull and nonskid deck surface without damaging both surfaces?
As a simple nonskid floor coating for an industrial application the contractor can tint the UV stable DecraTex to his choice of color.
Non-skid strips/safety tape--61.1% of all submarines surveyed did not have adequate nonskid or eye hazard markings around machinery areas.
Easy access to this ADA-compliant vehicle is achieved with a lowered floor and low angle, nonskid entrance ramp.
A large, nonskid platform that measures 17.75" x 25.5" holds materials firmly while a plastic guard on the four sides protects walls.
The Z-Instrument Drape[TM] features a nonskid surface that offers a secure safe zone for picking up and placing sharps during a procedure.
These products can be mixed with Devcon's Safe-T-Grit and Anti-Skid Silica to produce nonskid surfaces.
is a durable and versatile nonskid grip liner for both freezer and hot environments.
The deck can hold 12- and 20-ounce beverage packages and smaller items securely, and has a nonskid finish to help hold packages in place.
The TL-150 includes an interactive console and SMART Board software, is angled so presenters can view and use it comfortably, and has nonskid rubber feet to protect furniture.
When used with nonskid additives, these coatings produce attractive anti-slip surfaces that enhance plant appearance and improve worker safety.
Water got underneath the nonskid and froze, breaking large sections--up to a foot square--of nonskid.