nonsingular matrix

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a square matrix whose determinant is not zero

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and X a randomly generated nonsingular matrix, there exist two 2 x 2 Jordan blocks, one for the eigenvalue [beta] and another for -[beta].
if there exists a nonsingular matrix S (t) with real entries such that
It is well known that a nonsingular matrix over any field has a unique inverse.
Let S be the nonsingular matrix that contains these eigenvectors as columns [S.
is a nonsingular matrix and the following conditional inequality Re([[lambda].
Let A be a real nonsingular matrix of order p, and let x, y be real vectors of length p.
Our approach can fail only if no set of m collocation abscissae can be found that results in a nonsingular matrix W.
Closed-loop system (4) with fractional-order a belonging to 1 [less than or equal to] [alpha] < 2 is admissible, if and only if there exists nonsingular matrix [P.
Later, in [9], it was discovered that the inverse of a nonsingular matrix which is the sum of a Toeplitz and a Hankel matrix (briefly T + H matrix) possesses a generalized Bezoutian structure.
Then there exists a real nonsingular matrix X such that [OMEGA] = [X.
H] in the nonsymmetric Lanczos algorithm can be avoided since, for every square matrix A there exists a nonsingular matrix S such that [A.
where A is a nonsingular matrix of order n, and X = ([x.
Let A be a nonsingular matrix, which is partitioned in the following 2 x 2 block structure
Recently, in [5, 11], numerical methods were developed to compute the Hamiltonian Schur form for Hamiltonian matrices and the methods were extended to the regular pencil case with nonsingular matrix N in [4].