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attributable to chance

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We observed a nonsignificantly elevated risk of breast cancer associated with intensity-weighted days of diazinon use reported by the women at the 5-y follow-up interview [HR = 1.
However, the number of degenerated oocytes was nonsignificantly high in the sequential protocol compared to the other 3 groups.
77[degrees], while the right side AEI was slightly and nonsignificantly higher, 62.
96); however, the number of games engaged in by participants in the two APM groups differed nonsignificantly.
SGPT, total protein, albumin, and globulin levels were elevated significantly after 30-h exposure, which decreased nonsignificantly for exposure period of 60 h.
The average hospital stay, hospital death, and 3-month mortality or major adverse cardiac event differed nonsignificantly between the two groups (11.
Mean values from grade 1 to 1V DAI for females were nonsignificantly increased as compared to males.
The two forms of Muslim religious reflection also displayed a direct association with the Intrinsic Scale, and Faith Oriented Reflection correlated negatively whereas Intellect Oriented Reflection correlated nonsignificantly with Quest.
By week 12, mean agitation/aggression scores were unchanged in those on combination therapy and nonsignificantly worse for those taking either memantine alone or ChEI alone.
96 per 100 person-years in HIV-negative women, slightly but nonsignificantly more than the 1.
In the full dataset, before age stratification, the risk of total GI bleeding, particularly lower GI bleeding, appeared to be nonsignificantly lower for both dabigatran and rivaroxaban, relative to warfarin in patients with AE In patients without AF receiving these drugs, the risk remained slightly lower on rivaroxaban but appeared to be slightly increased on dabigatran.
In the unirrigated plot, clones S13C20, ST72, and ST 163 had a significantly higher average specific gravity value than S7C15 and ST 124, while the other two were nonsignificantly in the middle.
4,7) In our series, osteopenia/osteoporosis incidence was nonsignificantly associated with age.
In week 4 liver weights of all the groups were significantly higher from control except group B1 which was nonsignificantly different.