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attributable to chance

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The study focused on randomized controlled trials with "nonsignificant primary endpoints." The primary endpoint of a study is the main result of the study.
In MET treatment group, the placebo effect resulted in a nonsignificant weight change of −0.686 kg (95% CI , −2.823-1.451 kg; P = 0.529) in Caucasian population.
Combined with the 0.16% nonsignificant 1 reduction in stages 2-4 cancers over the 23 years of screening, this equated to a total mortality decrease of around 3%.
Nonsignificant findings do not meet the criteria the researcher set for significant results.
In rural male subjects, [FEF.sub.0.2-1.2] show statistically highly significant positive correlation with body surface area and statistically nonsignificant negative correlation with age.
However, when the two components of the composite outcome were examined separately, inhaled budesonide was significantly better than was placebo at reducing the rate of bronchopulmonary dysplasia but was associated with a nonsignificant excess in mortality.
Those aged 55 years or younger showed the largest, albeit nonsignificant, differences--with women having 1.5 times more IPD under physical stress than similarly aged men (123 vs.
Although there was no association at baseline for men, being in the highest mass quartile at age 21 translated to a 86 percent nonsignificant risk and a 41 percent higher risk of NHL.
The subanalysis of patients who were the least impaired--with scores of 22-26 on the Mini-Mental State Exam (MMSE) - showed a significant 35% reduction in cognitive decline (P = .036) and a nonsignificant 19.6% reduction in global functional decline (P = .42) after 68 weeks of treatment, said Dr.
Addressing the neighbors' concerns over their wells, Rogers Group commits to "repair, replace or compensate any neighbor for any substantial impairment to a nonsignificant groundwater well."
Many sarcocysts morphologically consistent with Sarcocystis falcatula were found in the cytoplasm of the skeletal myofibers from skeletal muscles of different locations of this bird, a finding that was considered an incidental, clinically nonsignificant finding in this case.
However, the difference in N[O.sub.3.sup.-]-N between 250 and 500 ppm and 1000 and 2000 ppm was nonsignificant amongst themselves.
These results were nonsignificant at the .05 level (p = .744).
Some of the researchers indicated that boys are more sensitive to microsystem chaos (Aiello, Nicosia, & Thompson, 1979; Matheny, 1991; Matheny & Phillips, 2001; Wachs, Gurkas, & Kontos, 2004), whereas, others suggested that girls are more adversely effected by chaos compared to males (Christie & Glickman, 1980; Hambrick-Dixon, 1998), still others have reported nonsignificant gender and chaos interactions (Evans, 2003; Evans, Lepore, & Allen, 2000; Haines et al., 2001).
The intention-to-treat analysis, which examined the prescribed supplementation, showed a nonsignificant 10% reduction in the risk of hip fracture.