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attributable to chance

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The regions of nonsignificance corresponded to values of the pretest ability or skill at which children did not benefit from the intervention: children with pretest scores falling below the value (empirically derived cut point) at which the effect of intervention transitioned to nonsignificance.
double dagger]) Each final regression model used Firth's penalized maximum likelihood method; other variables (sex, age, immunocompromised status, chronic lung disease) were removed because of nonsignificance.
Finally, Rosenthal's (1979) fail safe N, or the file drawer estimate, was calculated for all meta-analyses that showed statistical significance to determine how many unreported studies averaging null results would need to exist for the effect to be reduced to overall nonsignificance.
The city of Chelan approved an application for the 137-lot preliminary plat called "The Winery District," an extension of a 63-acre development owned by Chelan Lookout LLLR The city's planning department issued a determination of nonsignificance on The Winery District in January, the hearing examiner approved the plat in early March and the city council approved it a couple weeks later.
A significant stenosis was defined as an obstructive luminal reduction (≥50%) compared with normal reference segment, while nonsignificance referred to mild stenosis (<50%).
This might be a reason for the nonsignificance of gastro-protective agent usage.
Vertical bars represent SEM, values in text box indicates mean values, while * specify nonsignificance (p > 0.
The nonsignificance of the coefficient of the current level of autocracy is confirmed when using Duration and Polity2 to capture PRE and PRC, respectively.
Inherent in the finding of nonsignificance is an admission that the effect cannot be confidently differentiated from 0.
One potential reason for the overall nonsignificance of this result is that declining sales may reflect declining performance.
Therefore, studies having a large sample size can hardly obtain nonsignificance of null hypothesis (Brown, 2006; Marsh, Hau, Artelt, Baumert, & Peschar, 2006).
Each model makes predictions about the significance and nonsignificance of specific sources.
Although a few individual PCBs showed significant associations with levels of CRP in model A, the association was attenuated to nonsignificance in model B.
Despite these notable health declines, it is also noteworthy that one cross-sectional difference in health was attenuated to nonsignificance over time.