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not having or involving sex


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Hypothesis 1: Compared to a control condition of nonsexual stimuli, exposure to sexual stimuli will depress a man's purchase intention toward discounted conspicuous goods.
Seeking intimacy and self-identifying as a teacher were some explicit, nonsexual gratification motivations that were found.
Chapters that have been added include: Nonsexual Multiple Relationships, Addressing Spiritual and Value Issues in Therapy, Ethical Concerns in Culturally Sensitive Practice, Ethics in Member Care, Ethics in Providing Psychological First Aid expanded sections for dealing with clients who are in the Military, Government or part of a University Counseling Center.
The film will center around a womanizer, played by Sudeikis, and a serial cheater, played by Brie, who form a nonsexual relationship to beat their persistent infidelity.
To assess one's tendency to use sexually related coping techniques, Cortoni and Marshall (2001) developed the Coping Using Sex Inventory (CUSI) and found that sexual offenders reported more coping using sex than nonsexual offenders (both violent and nonviolent).
Jungian analysts refer to an archetype called the "double," which people need to integrate in same-sex relationships--whether nonsexual or sexual in nature.
Their nonsexual, obsessive relationship is sheer perfection to watch, especially when Huppert keeps falling down in those weirdly glamorous orthopedic shoes.
THE BOTTOM LINE: The script includes a lot of profanity, including many F-words as nonsexual expletives, as well as a nongraphic verbal joke about oral sex.
The suspension was based upon an unreasonable and arbitrary interpretation of plaintiff's off-campus, nonsexual, nonharassing, nonviolent statement to a fellow student," she wrote.
The second was to determine whether risky decisions for sexual outcomes would be differentially associated with sexual versus nonsexual self-reported outcomes.
Without misreporting, nonsexual modes of transmission would account for 64% of HIV infections; when misreporting is accounted for, sexual and nonsexual modes contribute equally.
In the Leather community there is both sexual and nonsexual type relationships.
Juveniles who are classified at a higher risk to reoffend and who may have a history of nonsexual criminogenic behavior are housed in dormitories reserved only for adjudicated sex offenders.
No reports were obtained of men who have sex with men, unusual exposure to medical injections, other use of needles, scarification, cutting instruments, or practices leading to nonsexual blood or body fluid exposure.