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never having had security classification


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Elevation of acute phase may be present, but results are nonsensitive, nonspecific findings.
The instructions from Cabinet Secretary Pradeep Kumar Sinha also underlined the need for rotating officers working in sensitive and nonsensitive posts.
Matching variables, the definition of "nearby," and the rate at which sensitive and nonsensitive records are swapped can all affect the data analyses that use those variables, so parameter confidentiality makes it difficult to analyze the effects of swapping.
almost entirely with nonsensitive data," and thus even innocuous
The second dimension, caregiving hyperactivation, involves an intense desire for increased closeness, on the basis of helping and nonsensitive responses to others, combined with a negative or self-doubting view of oneself as a care provider.
Comparison between sensitive and nonsensitive free flaps in reconstruction of the heel and plantar area.
27) Irritation and allogenic potential were assessed by repeat insult patch testing, safety-in-use tests, and ocular studies in patients with sensitive and nonsensitive skin.
It became clear that a working knowledge of the data life cycle from start to finish was essential, and the recently transitioned desk metrics provided a nonsensitive data set to work through the data life cycle model.
Five ofeight countries that provided case definitions included "bradycardia" (reduced heart rate), a relatively nonsensitive and nonspecific sign, for classifying a case as suspected or probable typhoid.
It seems probable in the present international context that joint nuclear fuel cycle activities in the Middle East may actually bypass the most sensitive reprocessing activities to start with the regionalization of these nonsensitive activities.
says there are concerns with security protocols for cloud-based data services, so he advises using them for storing nonsensitive information.
Examples of nonsensitive areas are metal panels, doors, and frames.
Per VHA policy, work settings include, but are not limited to, the following: housekeeping, grounds maintenance, and clerical duties involving nonsensitive patient information.