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The closing propositions acknowledge the nonsensicality of that which preceded them.
People holding their fingers open, as if to grasp a small object, judged the sensibility (versus "nonsensicality") of word pairs such as "squeeze-tomato" or "squeeze-milk" more quickly than did people not holding their fingers open (Klatzky, Pelligrino, & McCloskey, 1989).
Indeed, it is exactly this solid factuality of Christian revelation which gives Christianity its character of "meaningfulness"--in contrast with virtually all other religious positions, cults, and worldviews which, lacking in any factual testability (verifiability/falsifiability), suffer from epistemological "nonsensicality" or "meaninglessness" (to use the expressions of contemporary analytical philosophy).
And yet he declares 'The non-sensuality of philosophy hitherto as the greatest nonsensicality of man' (1968, p.
The recent episodes involving separate botched or scotched attempts by an American citizen of Pakistani origin, a Nigerian and an Afghan, to carry out "lone wolf" attacks on the imperial heartland, like earlier coordinated attacks on western targets, demonstrate the nonsensicality of the prevailing analysis about the causes of (and therefore) and the cure for terrorism.
Their themes are philosophy in language and language in philosophy, multiple-level sense in literary texts, figures of text and figures of interpretation, the sensicality and nonsensicality of humor, making sense of verbal and non-verbal imagery in literature, and how books can be made.
On the traditional account, philosophical insights are available in the Tractatus, despite its nonsensicality; one cannot say what these insights are, but their content shows itself forth.